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Tessa Morgan Mindfulness Expert, Accredited Trainer in Emotional Intelligence & Personal Growth Coach

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“The Denton Chamber of Commerce presented it’s 2015 Women in Commerce Fall Luncheon & Conference, featuring Tessa Morgan as one of three speakers. She did a fantastic job of tying her expertise to the theme of the event which was titled “Your Brand. It’s Personal.” Tessa shared very helpful and thought-provoking information about how our inner well-being plays a role in the way that we brand ourselves in our careers and life in general. The interactivity of her presentation kept attendees engaged in the subject matter. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to take good better care of ourselves. Thank you Tessa. Well done!”

Angelica Del Rosal – Director of Programs and Membership Development, Denton Chamber of Commerce

“Tessa Todd Morgan spoke during our busy season kick off. She opened our eyes to the importance of taking small breaks and how distracted we can become with our technology. She also armed us with coping skills to use every day. We can’t wait to implement small changes to increase our quality of life. Thank you Tessa.”

Jennifer Sicking – Vice President, KHA Accountants and Advisors , PC

“Creating a culture that fosters emotional intelligence and promotes overall wellness is critical to the success of any organization. Tessa Todd Morgan provided our organization with the concepts and tools we needed to break free from our unhealthy stress producing tendencies and step into a world of calm focused success. Within a few short days with our team Tessa created a ripple of positive energy that has reverberated through our organizations for months!”

Josh Witt – Director of Education Sales for North America, Tobii Dynavox

“Tessa’s approach to appreciating where you are in the moment during our reset break taught me how to regain power when I’m feeling overwhelmed! I highly recommend Tessa for teaching the steps to success whether at work, in a relationship or learning how to reset your mind to get the results you want.”

Kim Barnes – Senior Managing Partner, J. Hilburn

“Tessa was asked to speak at a seminar to help us “Go Zen”. She shed light on the dangers of chronic stress to our well-being and provided simple techniques to help alleviate anxiety on the spot. Additional lifestyle recommendations would definitely contribute to a healthier, more balanced life experienced in each moment.”

Laura Mason – Vice President, Texas Association for School Nutrition

“As the chair of the IASB Annual Meeting for 2015 in New Orleans, we had a unique challenge to help our attendees find new and unique ways to evolve the way they do business every day. Bringing in Tessa Todd Morgan to conduct her Reset Breaks, interspersed throughout our conference, were integral to the success of that learning process. Not only did the breaks help us to think about the stress and tension in our everyday (and conference) work habits in a new way, but they helped us keep our learning quotients high and our minds open and receptive to all the new materials we were being presented with. I highly recommend Tessa’s programs, particularly if you have content rich programs and highly driven audiences.”

Lisa Carnemolla Comerford – 2015 IASB Convention Committee Chair

“Tessa Morgan produced an innovative workshop for our Senior Leadership Team retreat. Over the course of the morning we learned how to better manage the stress that comes with our jobs and how to use personal development techniques to perform more effectively at work and at home. Tessa helped us uncover blindspots and identify the best ways to care for ourselves. And the team found her warm yet professional style engaging and supportive. Whether it is for senior leaders or individual contributors, I highly recommend Tessa’s approach to professional and personal development. Our group has already been incorporating many of the lessons learned during our session with her. She exceeded my very high expectations.”

Marjorie Hass, Ph.D. – President, Austin College