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Simon T. Bailey Featured Breakthrough Strategist, Author, Life Coach, Entrepreneur

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  • Embracing AI: Unleashing the Power of Innovation

    In a new world driven by technological advancements, the mention of artificial intelligence (AI) often evokes mixed emotions. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that AI is not our essence but rather a valuable ally. By embracing the potential of AI, individuals and organizations can unlock a world of possibilities and foster unprecedented growth. Let's explore the transformative nature of AI and determine whether AI is a friend rather than a foe.

  • From Bhutan, with Love

    7 lessons from a Spiritual Pilgrimage

  • Culture Starts with Love – A True Signet Jewelers Love Story

    There are times in life when you meet a client that totally gets it. Signet Jewelers is that client. For them, employee experience is the top priority. Executive leadership models care and compassion for everyone. Meanwhile, the field executives are laser-focused on accountability while demonstrating empathy.

  • BrilliantU™

    In today's rapidly changing and competitive world, personal growth and continuous learning have become not just beneficial but essential for individuals aiming to thrive in their lives. We live in a time when staying stagnant is no longer an option. This is precisely where BrilliantU™ comes into play. BrilliantU™ is a transformative experience that equips you with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to THRIVE. Every person is positively brilliant, and the purpose of BrilliantU™ is to empower individuals to reach new heights and become the best version of themselves.

  • Unlock Your Full Potential

    Have you ever wondered what you could accomplish if you unlocked your full potential? What if there was an experience that aligned with your specific goals and objectives? Brilliant Coaching™ is a new growth experience created to further guide and support individuals and organizations on their journey to personal and professional fulfillment. As a result of working with Brilliant Coaching™, you will receive a transformative experience that unlocks untapped potential and propels growth.

  • Cherishing the Past and Creating Your Future

    6 Lessons for My 25-Year-Old Self