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Seth Earley CEO at Earley Information Science, Artificial Intelligence Speaker, Writer and Influencer

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  • Customer Contact Week - Las Vegas

    Layer AI Into Your Existing Tech Ecosystem to Augment Agent Capacity

  • Aspect Customer Service


  • IA Summit - Keynote - There is No Artificial Intelligence without Information Architects

    Drawing on his 25+ years in the industry and his passion for making information more findable, usable, and valuable, Seth Earley makes the case that the future of artificial intelligence (AI) is in the hands of today's information architects. Search is a Conversation – How Chatbots Work

  • Telus International Podcast - Seth Earley on setting the groundwork for AI implementation

    On this episode of TELUS International Studios, we're joined by Seth Earley, consultant and award-winning author of The AI Powered Enterprise. Seth has more than twenty years of expertise in data and information architecture, knowledge strategy, search based applications and information findability solutions. In the conversation, Seth shares advice for business leaders looking to incorporate AI solutions into their support model. Tune in to hear Seth's insights on navigating uncertainty in AI development while keeping customer experience at the forefront, and his take on the biggest challenges when it comes to human-machine partnerships.

  • Next Generation Knowledge Management | Seth Earley Keynote Speaker

    Selected clips from APQC Annual KM conference session on Next Generation KM: The Role of Knowledge Architecture in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Applications. Seth Earley, speaker.

  • The AI Powered Enterprise

    Prerequisites for Effective & Meaningful Automation Nearly all contact centers have attempted some form of automation. With hindsight, nearly the same number would approach the application of automation differently. This Big Ideas presentation will start at the beginning of the journey to equip you with best practices and prerequisites for preparing your contact center to tackle an automation project.

  • Data Summit Connect - Database Trends and Applications Podcast

    Creating Data Driven Decision Frameworks. - Making Decisions based on data, not opinion.