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Sara Ross Featured Chief Vitality Officer at BrainAMPED; Leadership Energy and Emotional Intelligence Expert

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  • Stop Killing Women With Kindness

    The problem was, Joanne didn’t need less work, she needed the feedback to learn and grow. Without it, she felt stunted in her development. Unfortunately, research (as showcased in the IHHP Women Under Pressure white paper) suggests she’s correct.

  • Meetings = Brain Drain: The exception or the rule?

    Most perplexing about this shift is that we logically know that asking people to attend back-to-back-to-back meetings with few to no breaks, while expecting them to perform at their very best, is not only unrealistic, but it is unfairly setting people (and ourselves) up to be unsuccessful. And yet “meeting-mania” is a pervasive issue in most of our workplaces.

  • Busting the Biggest Delegation Myth – and strategies to truly improve productivity under pressure!

    Delegation Capacity = Time Pressure x Task Switching “Too much to do and not enough time” is one of the most often cited stressors in organizations today and the reason why understanding each variable in this equation is so important.

  • ELT Hot Seat Question-What is a ‘variable’?

    When we have all of “our markers” our brain has lots of information to make the best and most strategic decisions.