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Dr. Romie Mushtaq, M.D. Brain Doctor, Speaker on Stress Management & Workplace Wellness Expert, Chief Wellness Officer

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  • Dr. Romie's TED talk: The Powerful Secret of Your Breath

    After surviving career burnout and a life threatening illness, Dr. Romie began her exploration of the medicine behind mindfulness-based therapies as they related to mindful living and the universal benefits of connecting to the present moment. By combining her expertise and professional experiences in neurology and integrative medicine she was able to translate this knowledge to help clients and corporations cope with their stress-infused lives; taking mindfulness from the meditation mat into a mindful way of living...and breathing.

  • BrainUp! Improve Business Bottom Line, Become a Calm Leader, Save a Life

    SPEAKING SAMPLE: BrainUp! 3 Mindful Steps to Conquering Stress. Mindfulness & Meditation for Mindful Leadership and Innovation. Dr. Romie discusses the power of meditation on the brain and in cultivating mindful leadership.

  • A Brain Doctor's Journey of Shame, Stress & Mindfulness

    Dr. Romie keynote address: Mindful Leadership: Navigating Chaos to Calm. Part 1: My a brain doctor overcame shame, succumbed to stress and learned the true meaning of happiness.

  • Multitasking is Bad for Your Brain: Dr. Romie on Fox News Orlando

    Everyone feels they have to multitask at work or at home, what type of multitasking is bad for us? • There have been several studies over the last 5 years showing that multitasking at home and at work actually decreases productivity.

  • Being Mindful to Boost Productivity in the Workplace

    How can mindfulness help in the multitasking workplace? Dr. Romie shares secrets on how to improve productivity and reduce stress levels