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Dr. Romie Mushtaq, M.D. Brain Doctor, Speaker on Stress Management & Workplace Wellness Expert, Chief Wellness Officer

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  • Fox Business: Mindfulness Is Not Just for Yoga Studios

    For many, the notion of “mindfulness” conjures up images of yoga teachers, Tibetan monks and eccentric celebrities. But the concept also has close ties with the business world. Business leaders are starting to blend the rich tradition of spirituality with the research of psychology and neuroscience to create a simple, yet powerful way for business leaders to enhance their effectiveness.

  • Good Men Project: 3 Tips for Practicing Mindfulness in a Multitasking Workplace

    Google, eBay, Intel and General Mills offer classes on it. So do Harvard Business School, Ross School of Business and Claremont Graduate University, among other campuses. Mindfulness is not just a corporate trend, but a proven method for success. Mindfulness—being focused and fully present in the here and now—is good for individuals and good for a business’s bottom line. How can people practice it in a workplace where multitasking is the norm, and concerns for future profits can add to workplace stress?

  • Huffington Post: 3 Steps to Connect to Your Life Purpose

    Unfortunately, it can take a life crisis like a health scare, divorce, or loss of a job to realize that we are not on the right path in our lives. This creates a fork in the road. Do we go back to the same life hoping for a different result, or do we decide to have the courage to create change in our life? And even if we want to create change, where do we start?

  • 4 Brain Secrets for Happiness by Dr. Romie

    What are the four secrets to wire your brain for happiness? There is a myth that happy people are happy all the time. Happiness is not an emotion or personality trait that exists 24/7, but rather a state of mind that can be achieved.