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Mike Massimino Featured Astronaut, Columbia Professor, Author, Media Personality

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"We had almost 300 people from around the world tune in live for Mike's presentation. We have received extremely good feedback from participants, unsolicited, around his story and message. I think it was a home run or a perfect lift off!"


"I have hired countless speakers to close out large user events and I will say that Mike is one of the best that I have ever hired. Not only is he a down to earth person and easy to talk with, but the message he delivers relates to everyone. Normally when you hire an external speaker to close out an event, there is usually a good size drop-off of people who are trying to catch a flight out of town. Not in our case. I looked around the room when Mike started and it was close to being as crowded as day 1 of the event (roughly 1300 people). Also, afterwards, Mike signed his books for attendees and we estimate that 500+ were in line to get a book signed. I would HIGHLY recommend Mike to anyone who needs a closing guest speaker."


"Mike is so inspiring, motivational, and GENUINE!!! His stories are amazing – I could listen to him all day! It was truly a hit with our audience. Please thank Mike on behalf of the entire team. I hope we get to work together on another event in the future."

Boston-based Retirement Services Organization Virtual Event

"Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for your presentation yesterday. I have had numerous people stop me and tell me how much they loved your story – how your message really hit home with our transformation."

Cook Medical

"I wanted to thank you for your contribution to our sales meeting… your talk was the highlight of the meeting for all in attendance. It is always great for me to see an individual like yourself with an incredible resume and unique life experiences who is still incredibly humble and down to earth (pardon the pun). You fit in perfectly with our company values. The feedback we got rated higher than anything we did, and it wasn't even close. The message you delivered – the tone of never giving up, team culture, perseverance and overcoming challenges - still resonates this week in conversations."

Cook Vascular Programs

“Thank you for the most relevant and spellbinding keynote speech I have ever seen; you've inspired everyone today with your determination and life lessons. Everyone is still talking about it. Your session was phenomenal. The best one we've ever had by far!!!"

Cority Software

"Mike was great. He did a fantastic job of engaging the audience with his stories and down-to-earth style (pardon the pun). He hit the mark on our key messages, but didn't beat people over the head with them. He integrated them seamlessly into his stories. I also appreciated that he hung around and chatted with a number of our colleagues after his remarks – even if it did nearly cause him to miss his flight. All told, he was a hit."

CVS Caremark

"Mike did a phenomenal job last night at our event. Everyone loved his keynote – he is so engaging! We were also so grateful for his willingness to stick around afterwards to meet folks, take photos and sign books. He is just amazing."

Denver South

"Mike, thanks for the terrific sales kickoff keynote. You helped bookend our event with an incredible story and philosophy that resonates with all of us. Your quotes about teamwork and believing in yourself are so timely and inspiring. Highlight of our week!!"


"The team is still buzzing about your inspirational and engaging talk. You were a huge hit! We look forward to including you in other events at Fidelity."

Fidelity Investments

“We wanted to personally thank you for joining us. It was truly a pleasure to have you as the keynote speaker for our inaugural client roundtable event. Your anecdotes and engagement with our audience was delightful and set an incredibly positive tone. We are sincerely appreciative that you stayed for the entirety of the event. Thank you also for the personalized books, as we are certain that our attendees will take pleasure in reading about your story of resilience in achieving what you had aspired to be at a very young age. Thank you, Mike, for going above and beyond (it was out of this world!)"

HSBC Securities

“Following your brilliant presentation to the team last week, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for participating in our event. Your story is truly inspirational, your experiences are great to hear and your comments regarding teams and leadership were extremely relevant to an organization like ours.”

IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group)

"You did an amazing job getting a full understanding of our company and incorporating it in your speech. Your energy, passion, humor, and connection with the audience was beyond impressive. Your message and stories resonated with our employees, many of whom went out of their way to share with us how inspiring they thought you are, and for context, this tremendous feedback was from an audience used to hearing from exceptional people with exceptional achievements; yet you easily topped our past keynotes."


"We have gotten an incredible amount of positive feedback about your talk, and to say you ‘delivered' would be a complete understatement. Thank you for helping to inspire my team to be at their best with this amazing advancement for myeloma patients...for helping Janssen Oncology to DREAM BIG and GO FAR."

Janssen Oncology

“It went absolutely amazing! He did a great job and the audience gave him a standing ovation. He is wonderful and we would definitely love to have him as a keynote speaker again!”

Kindle Communications

"Our sales team had a great time connecting during our National Sales Meeting. We were honored to host Michael Massimino as our keynote speaker. He inspired our team by speaking about teamwork, dealing with change, overcoming fear through trust and how cool it is to fly in space! Thank you, Michael, for taking our excitement above and beyond.”

MassMutual Ascend

“He was amazing!! His talk was spot on. His delivery was totally engaging. An absolute delight. The CEOs love him. We love him. We want more of Mass!!


"Words can't even express the “out of this world” feedback we are receiving about you and the wonderful evening everyone had. Mike, it was truly a pleasure to work you and I wish I could hire you for every event."

OneSource Worldwide, Inc.

"We just wanted to say a big thank you for helping inspire our teams yesterday. All of those docs and frontline team members (and executives!) are buzzing with smiles today and repeating your stories. The messages that you deliver are very applicable to the work we do in acute healthcare."

Orlando Health

"Mike was really great to work with and many of his stories are very topical The story of teamwork with his fellow astronaut classmates was especially powerful for me. And I enjoyed his story about needing to both accept change and anticipate change in the same moment. Really powerful!"

Personify Software

"Our leaders were inspired by your story and I believe walked away with a renewed sense of purpose and ready to focus on our new aspiration and goal. Your determination has encouraged us to think differently and be more courageous in our pursuits to impact society."


“Awesome, awe inspiring, brilliant speaker, incredible man . I learned so much, not just about resilience, It was like a masterclass in leadership, humility and presenting all rolled into one enthralling session.”

Roche Pharma

"As anticipated, you delivered a talk that was spot on! The comments have all been on how relevant your content was to our business. Thanks for your prep and tremendous message!"

Terumo Aortic

"On behalf of the entire marketing leadership team THANK YOU! Your talk was incredibly powerful and inspiring! We have heard so many positive comments. It gave a lot of meaning to the seminar and I know people will continue using your stories and quotes for a long time!"

The LEGO Group

"OMG – he was awesome! Everyone loved him!! He stayed to sign books and I think all 300 people waited in line to have him do so. Mike is so genuine and so personable. He is truly fabulous. We'll certainly recommend him to other groups within UnitedHealth Group. We couldn't have had a better motivator for our team."

United Healthcare

"Your presentation was fantastic and highly rated by our audience. On behalf of USA Rice, and the more than 750 conference attendees, please accept our warmest appreciation for your contribution to the quality and success of the meeting."

USA Rice

"Mike was a hit and made everyone's day. His presentation was really well done and set a great, positive and fun tone for our event. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. Everyone loved him and his keynote was stellar. We absolutely loved having him at Zoomtopia."


"We can't thank you enough for your inspiring kick off presentation. You set just the right tone for our meeting and inspired our guests to create innovative approaches to solving some of our thorniest business issues. The meeting was a rousing success and you played a big part teeing it up."

Zurich North America

Select Client Feedback

Thank you for the most relevant and spellbinding keynote speech I have ever seen. You've inspired everyone today with your determination and life lessons.

Mark Wallace Cority

Your session today was phenomenal, and I am so happy with the presentation. Everyone (attendees, the Cority team) is still talking about it. Thank you so much for an amazing keynote! The best one we've ever had by far!!

Erin Hanson Cority