Michaela Guzy AwardWinningFilmmaker, Travel+HumanConnectionExpert, RecoveringCorpExec, NYUAdjunctProfessor + TVPersonality

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  • Michaela Guzy's Reel

    Michaela Guzy is the founder of OhThePeopleYouMeet focusing on people, places + purposes. Her award-winning series, “Michaela's Map”, curates local hosts including Dr. Jane Goodall. In response to COVID, she launched InspirationStation: with 100 episodes +over 4 million views on IGTV! On September 9, 2020, Michaela boarded a plane with a one-way ticket west to document the world reopening safely in her new viral video series, "Sleeping Around (Again) Safely." Michaela has appeared on multiple morning shows across the country sharing her sustainable and immersive travel tips, such as on: CBS NewYork, FOX St.Louis, PIX11 NewYork + Good Morning WashingtonDC

  • "What Do You Do, When There Isn't A Map"

    Michaela hits the global stage for TahitiTourisme to share her journey from CorpExec to award-winning filmmaker, travel+human connection expert and TV personality. Most of the waters this trailblazer has navigated in creating her company, OhThePeopleYouMeet focusing on People, Places + Purposes has been in unchartered territory, which leaves room for perceived failures to become innovative solutions. Michaela is going to share real life examples of + best practices pivots for pivots, remaining relevant, signs of recovery, evolving trends, marketing meaningfully through storytelling + branding yourself as an expert resource to turn to NOW.

  • OTPYM's InspirationStation - Celebrates 100 episodes + 4 Million Views

    OTPYM's new show launched in response to COVID. We already had our online storytelling platforms, but we needed to connect our global audience to the people that we knew from around the world. So we created a show: InspirationStation (100 episodes + 4million+ views later)! We had to throw out our perfectionism + highly edited pieces and get on-board with people WFH (think screaming kids + pj's). To be relevant right we had to be nimble, real, fast + deliver what our audience turned to us for, inspiration.

  • "Sleeping Around (Again) Safely" at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

    In this episode of "Sleeping Around (Again) Safely" I am kicking it at the Waldorf Beverly Hills. The rooftop Jean George Restaurant is NOT to be missed, nor is the epic pool with the best views of 90210. #Staycation right in the middle of LA to forget about the "new normal" that isn't normal at all! The hotel staff take safety to the next level. They follow Hilton Clean Stay protocols and have a UV robot who sanitizes twice in between guests. Plus you can cash in your Amex + Hilton points.

  • "Michaela's Map: Los Cabos, Mexico"

    Hola! In this episode of "Michaela's Map: Los Cabos" we explore how to travel to places + the people to know so you can authentically immerse yourself. Join me as we set out to discover the Idyllic beaches, warm weather year-round, delicious local food, eco-chic hotels and epic adventure activities. You'll soon discover for yourself, there is no better place to immerse yourself than where the desert meets the sea. I've switched the storytelling narrative from host to curator, to empower the local experts to share their home with you. Pack a bag + journey on with me, Michaela