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    You don’t have to be broke and 22 to think like a millennial. Aided by companies such as AirBnB, the modern journey seekers embrace experience-based trips and mindful living over classic tourist watering holes— they want to live and enjoy places “like a local”. The millennial mindset is clear: awareness over belongings, adventure over knickknacks. And their purchase patterns back this mindset up. Millennials prioritize a simpler, more unique life, often described as “rich in experiences”.

  • 2017 Travel Trends Forecast

    Every year OTPYM attends key conferences across the globe to research and uncover the best of travel from new hotels, insider experiences, culinary journeys, cultural immersions, sustainable companies, epic adventures and of course authentic meet ups with locals. In early December, I attended International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM), a invitation-only portfolio of luxury travel events, at their flagship event in Cannes, France. Check out OTPYM’s predictions and most intriguing trends coming in HOT for 2017.

  • Travel Trends: What's HOT in Travel Right NOW

    We take traveling seriously and to make sure we are always bringing you the best insider travel experiences both on and off the grid, so you know before the cool kids. From festivals in deserts and jungles to sailing down rivers and into smaller ports of call, from cycling across rural Cuba to motorcycles in South America, wellness in Vegas, and of course, apps to keep all your trip details at your fingertips, the OTPYM team has it all sorted for you.

  • How to be a Responsible Traveler in Cambodia

    Increasingly, travelers are looking to connect with the local communities which they are visiting. In destinations like Cambodia, the extreme poverty and resulting hardships inspires many to want to help. It is up to you, the traveler, to take the responsibility to research and evaluate credible NGO's and organizations that are sustainably supporting their local communities.

  • Cuba: What You Need to Know Now

    Fidel Castro hit the pause button on economic development in the 1960’s, which actually ended up preserving many endangered traditions. Infrastructure has certainly suffered, but historically significant sites -- from iconic hotels to entire colonial towns -- have survived and are now undergoing restoration. While the United States severed diplomatic ties with Cuba in 1961, the time warp may soon be over with the joint announcement from Cuban President Raul Castro and President Barack Obama to seek to restore diplomatic ties on December 17, 2014.

  • Sustainable Travel Defined

    While I’ve been committed to doing my research in advance of my trips and trying to make the most sustainable and responsible decisions as it relates to my travel, even I, a seasoned traveler operating within the travel and media industries, have made innocent mistakes along the way.

  • Transformative Travel in the Jungles of Panama

    Luxury travel is experiencing an about face. It’s no longer just five star hotels, vintage wines and helicopters. The millennial generation may not have the same deep pockets as their baby-boomer parents yet, but their growing social influence is impacting major trends in travel, specifically transformative journeys. These 20 and 30 somethings, are entrepreneurs who straddle a fine line between hippie values and living off the grid, with being urban trendsetters from major cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

  • Rhinos, Elephants & Lions, Oh My!

    I've had the pleasure of traveling extensively across sub-Saharan Africa since 2012. I've always made a point to cover experiences, companies and people who work to support their community and surroundings. I have been so moved by what I’ve witnessed in Africa, that I have covered the topic of poaching elephants, rhino and now lions extensively.

  • Protecting the Coastline of the World's Largest Island: Australia

    Australia has over 59,000 kilometers of pristine Coastline, 19 natural and cultural UNESCO World Heritage sites, abundant wildlife and adventure activities.The land of Oz has many natural assets that attract visitors from across the globe, but sustaining these resources is critical for the future of Australia.

  • The 30 Cheapest Places to Travel in 2017

    Time to start packing your bags: 2017 is shaping up to be a banner year for budget travel. The dollar is enjoying historic highs — meaning your money goes much further in many destinations around the globe — and according to an American Express Global Business Travel report, airfares are expected to fall in 2017.

  • Exploring the Kingdom of Bhutan

    With traditions that date back to before its birth as a nation, The Kingdom of Bhutan is a beautiful contrast between its cultural heritage, natural wonder and the growing influence brought on by the country’s second largest industry, tourism. Since opening to western tourism in 1974, Bhutan is only now experiencing a cultural tipping point, as the traditional countryside villages see their populations dwindle and cities like the capital, Thimpu swell faster than they are designed to handle.

  • History in the Making: the Rebirth of a Sustainable Sierra Leone

    For most, Dr. Jane Goodall needs no introduction, for those not familiar with her work she is a primatologist, anthropologist, philanthropist, a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador and self-proclaimed activist most known for her work in protecting the critically endangered chimpanzee. In February 2019, I had the honor to travel to Sierra Leone on the West Coast...

  • "MIchaela's Map: Los Cabos, Mexico"

    In this episode we explore how to travel to places, but also the people to know so you can authentically immerse yourself. Join me as we set out to discover the idyllic beaches, warm weather year-round, delicious local food, eco-chic hotels and epic adventure activities in Los Cabos, Mexico. As you'll soon discover for yourself, there is no better place to immerse yourself than where the desert meets the sea. I've switched the storytelling narrative from host to curator. Pack a bag & journey on with me, Michaela