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John Sanei Futures Strategist, Author, Keynote Speaker

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  • AI's Impact on the Business World: Opportunities and Challenges
  • The Future of Education in a Changing Economy
  • Human 2.0: Upgrading Our Internal Systems for the Digital Age
  • Future of Leadership: Strategies for Thriving in a Changing Business Landscape
  • Reimagining Organizational Transformations
  • Navigating the Future of Work: Developing Purpose as a Skill

Select Book Titles

  • 2020 FutureNEXT: Re-imagining our world & conquering uncertainty
  • 2019 FOREsight: Awaken Curiosity. Cultivate Wisdom. Discover the Abundant Future
  • 2018 Magnetiize: Stop the Chase. Understand the Change. Take Control of Your Future
  • 2017 What's Your Moonshot?: Future-Proof Yourself and Your Business in the Age of Exponential Disruption

Globally renowned keynote speaker, futures strategist, 5-time bestselling author, Singularity University and Duke CE faculty member, Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, Chief of Tomorrow Board Member, and podcaster at The Expansive – John Sanei is not only revolutionizing the way we approach the future, but he is also equipping us with the courage and determination needed to bring about lasting change.

With a unique blend of neuroscience, psychology, quantum science, business strategy, and futurism, John delivers talks, writes books, conducts masterclasses, and serves on boards to guide future-minded leaders who are willing to embrace uncertainty, overcome doubt, and rise to the challenge with courage, clarity, and determination.

His expertise has earned him the trust and respect of top leaders, CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, governments, and even royal families worldwide.

“A leading voice on the intersection of neuroscience and the future, John helps leaders prepare their brains for what lies ahead. He is dedicated to promoting optimism and empowering individuals and organizations to navigate the unknown with confidence and energy. With a deep understanding of the brain and its capabilities, John is at the forefront of shaping the way we think about and approach the future”

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