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Joan Brock Author of More Than Meets the Eye

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  • 20/20 Vision Looking to 2020
  • More Than Meets The Eye
  • Using ALL of Your Senses
  • When Husband Joe Passed Away...Joan Had to Focus on Next Steps

Select Book Titles

  • 2012 Come to Your Senses: An Inspirational Guide for Using All of Your Senses
  • 1994 More Than Meets the Eye: The Story of a Remarkable Life and a Transcending Love

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Laced with humor, Joan’s presentations inspire you to see the beautiful, funny and remarkable adventures that happen in our lives every day. Joan’s presentations will give you the tools to experience life through all of your senses.

At the age of 32, Joan Brock suddenly lost her sight from a rare eye disease, in a three week period...WHILE working at a school for blind children. Five years later she tragically lost her husband to cancer and was left to raise her young daughter as a blind, single parent.

In her presentations, attendees will see parallels to their own challenges. Joan’s topics explore the vision of success, which must be shared by all the members of an effective and enduring organization. Her sparkling delivery and original style endear her to audiences who are charmed into a new way of looking at themselves and into breathing new life into the demands of a changing world climate.

Joan is the author of Two books. Her newest release, Come to Your Senses, is a guide to using all of your senses in order to assist you in leading a positive and productive life. Her autobiography, More Than Meets the Eye, written with Derek L. Gill, was originally published in 1994. It has been translated into several languages and is also a Reader’s Digest Condensed Books. Both books are available wherever books are sold, at her conferences and a personalized copy can be delivered through an order form on this web site.

Over time, Joan has been featured in many books, sharing her story of hope and courage. Most recently author Clifford E. Olstrom included Joan in his amazing book, Undaunted by Blindness. This publication is a concise list of Biographies of Four Hundred People Who Refused to Let Visual Impairment Define Them. She was also included in a coffee table book as one of 35 inspirational women in America, titled Believing in Ourselves.

In 2003, Joan’s amazing life story was portrayed in a Lifetime Television Network movie, titledMore Than Meets the Eye: The Joan Brock Story.

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