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JJ Birden Former NFL Pro & Motivational Keynote Speaker

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  • The Underdog Has The Power to Win If...

    No matter who you are or what you have accomplished, we have all felt like an underdog at some point in our lives. We may have had a moment in a situation where we thought we were not favored to win or to be selected, or we were at a disadvantage. On top of that, others around us also did not believe in our abilities or chances.


    You have to be ready to have a "what's next" mentality.

  • Sometimes It Requires a Process!

    Some of the choices we are faced with require us to go through more of a process before making a decision.

  • Breakthrough Moments Can Be Game Changers!

    The point is, life is full of opportunities for breakthroughs. JJ Birden believes the most powerful breakthroughs can occur when we're faced with F.A.S.C.O. (failures, adversities, setbacks, challenges obstacles). During those moments, we have a choice. A choice we control! Either those moments can take you down and out, or they can take you to bigger and better things.


    FEBRUARY 2019 JJ Birden is a former wide receiver who played 9 years in the NFL. Birden was a part of the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons, before he took advantage of his opportunities to become a businessman, motivational speaker and author.

  • Peak Performance Sports

    NFL Player JJ Birden on Overcoming Adversity and Size - In this week's sports psychology podcast, mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn interviews JJ Birden, former NFL wide receiver who played for 9 years. Dr. Cohn and JJ Birden talk about mental toughness in football and what the top players possess. Learn how to block out distractions and recover from mistakes. Learn how JJ overcame adversity and transitioned from a track athlete to playing division 1 football when others told him he couldn't.

  • Nick Symmonds Host of "Run The Day" Podcast Interviews Athlete Entrepreneur JJ Birden

    How Passion, Patience and Endurance Leads to Success

  • JJ Birden talks Kansas City Chiefs, new book and more

    On Monday afternoon, I spoke with Birden on a litany of topics, ranging from his days with the Chiefs to the current team, and what Birden is doing today.

  • The Sports ReKap by Host Nick Kapetan-Special Guest JJ Birden

    Host Nick Kapetan welcomes NFL wide receiver, professional speaker, and accomplished author, JJ Birden to the show. JJ and Kap converse about: how a speedy wide receiver must adjust to the NFL game, similarities between Peyton Manning and Joe Montana, as well as how Cam Newton could have handled his postgame press conference differently.