Jack Uldrich World Renowned Futurist, Author, Expert on Change

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  • The Great Reset: The Emerging Age of Reimagination, Reconnection and Renewal ---and Generation RE
  • Business as Unusual
  • The Big AHA How to Future-Proof Your Business Against Tomorrow's Transformational Trends, Today
  • How the Internet of Things Will Open Up a Future of Opportunity
  • Vuja De: A Futurist Takes a Backwards Stroll into the World of Tomorrow

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  • 2014 Foresight 2020: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow
  • 2011 Higher Unlearning: 39 Post-Requisite Lessons for Achieving a Successful Future
  • 2008 Jump the Curve: 50 Essential Strategies to Help Your Company Stay Ahead of Emerging Technologies
  • 2006 Investing in Nanotechnology: Think Small. Win Big.

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Jack Uldrich is highly regarded as a keynote speaker. His authoritative speeches on future trends, emerging technologies, innovation, change management and leadership are filled with knowledge, insight and creativity. Jack provides provocative new perspectives on competitive advantage, change management and transformational leadership. He brings to light the advantages of being creative and using the powers of individual imagination.

Jack Uldrich is a leading expert on helping businesses adapt to change. He has served as an advisor to Fortune 1000 companies, and is highly regarded for his ability to present complex information in an entertaining, understandable way. Whatever your industry or organization, Jack will work with you to create a customized presentation, workshops or breakout sessions to inspire, energize and enlighten your audience.

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