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Greg Bennick Featured Global Keynote Speaker, Interactive Comedian, Event Emcee

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  • FAIL BETTER: Don't Be Afraid to Drop the Ball!
  • FIND YOUR VOICE: Strengthen Your Community with Creativity
  • ENVISION AND EXPAND: Changing the World Without Having a Clue
  • CHANGE: Managing the Unexpected
  • TEAMWORK: An Individual Experience
  • LEADERSHIP: To Listen is to Lead
  • GET INVOLVED: Make a Difference in the World

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GREG BENNICK: Global keynote speaker, interactive comedian, event emcee & host!

Greg Bennick can be the after-dinner comedic act that makes the conference memorable for years, or he can be the keynote speaker who drives your points home with his own unique style. Greg Bennick works with you to deliver impact! As a KEYNOTE SPEAKER, he uses clean comedy and explores new ideas around community and creativity.

He integrates award-winning comedy, audience interaction, incredible juggling, powerful magic effects, and unbelievable mind reading into his presentations to create a visual display which helps the ideas really sink in.

A two-time humorous speaking champion, Greg engages and inspires your audience while making them laugh. He has spent over thirty years on stage and has connected with audiences live in over twenty-five countries in the last decade, and of course virtual presentations are available via Zoom, Skype, Facebook live, telepathy, and any other mode you can imagine.

His topics range from new angles on team building and the psychology of how to manage crisis and conflict, leadership, and communication…and how self-doubt limits wide-ranging expansion. Based in Seattle, he’s been flown everywhere from Syracuse to Singapore to share his unique brand of engaging ideas.

Have an event or a need to inspire a group, especially during such uncertain times? Explore one of Greg’s acclaimed themes, or let’s hear your event theme idea and we’ll create a custom presentation for you around your idea and need. Recent examples include “The Power of One / The Power of the Team” and “Pivot to Win It: How to Manage Change”.

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