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Greg Bennick Global Keynote Speaker, Interactive Comedian, Event Emcee

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  • CHANGE: Managing the Unexpected
  • Changing the World Without Having a Clue
  • Don't Be Afraid to Drop the Ball: What We Learn From Failure About Success
  • Find Your Voice: Create a Speak Up Culture
  • Get Involved: Make a Difference in the World
  • LEADERSHIP: To Listen is to Lead
  • TEAMWORK: An Individual Experience

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GREG BENNICK: Global keynote speaker, Interactive comedian, Event Emcee & Host

A two-time humorous speaking champion, Greg engages and inspires your audience while making them laugh. He has spent over thirty years on stage, connecting with audiences across twenty-five countries.

As a KEYNOTE SPEAKER, his topics range from angles on "Finding Your Voice and Creating a Speakup Culture", to getting involved in changing your world for the better even if you don't know where to start, with "Changing the World Without Having a Clue". He integrates award-winning comedy juggling in his presentations to create a visual comedy which reaches every audience and makes the ideas really sink in.

As a WORKSHOP LEADER he can add onto his keynote and lead an experience in learning to juggle for your entire group. They will love discovering the transformation from "I don't know if I can do it?" to "I DID IT!!!"

If you're looking for a dynamic EMCEE & HOST to your event who can guide ideas and experiences throughout a day or a weekend, Greg has emceed events in size from two dozen to up to seven thousand people. That's a lot of people, just fyi.

Based in Seattle, he’s been flown everywhere from Syracuse to Singapore to share a unique approach of customized ideas that leave audiences laughing while learning.

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