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Greg Bennick Featured Build a Better Now® - keynote speaker, emcee, host

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  • FAIL BETTER: Don't Be Afraid to Drop the Ball!
  • FIND YOUR VOICE: Strengthen Your Community with Creativity
  • ENVISION AND EXPAND: Changing the World Without Having a Clue
  • CHANGE: Managing the Unexpected
  • TEAMWORK: An Individual Experience
  • LEADERSHIP: To Listen is to Lead
  • GET INVOLVED: Make a Difference in the World

If you want a better future, build a better now.

Greg Bennick's keynotes are interactive, fun, and engaging. He offers creative solutions for world changers, and he and his audiences have fun while doing it.

Greg helps your group regain focus with his keynote BUILD A BETTER NOW® Greg explores how to build individual and group self-esteem through regaining our focus in a world of distractions. He understands and shares how self-doubt limits wide-ranging expansion.

Based in Seattle, he's been flown everywhere from Syracuse to Singapore to share his unique brand of engaging ideas.

"I told my team after your keynote: ‘If we only had half of Greg’s energy, we would be amazing!’"
- Marco van Velthoven, LeasePlan (The Netherlands, February 2023)

As a KEYNOTE SPEAKER, Greg explores new ideas that help you find solutions for the problems you face around focus and direction. He integrates award-winning comedy, audience interaction, incredible juggling, powerful magic effects, and unbelievable mind reading into his presentations to create a visual display that helps the ideas really sink in.

A two-time humorous speaking champion, Greg engages and inspires your audience while making them laugh. He has spent over thirty years on stage and has connected with audiences live in over twenty-five countries in the last decade, and of course, in an ongoing basis through virtual presentations as well from his multi-camera professional studio in Seattle.

“A fantastic presentation…the agents loved all your takeaways!”
- Windermere Real Estate (50th Anniversary Conference, Seattle WA)

The founder and Executive Director of the international non-profit One Hundred For Haiti, Greg's humanitarian work and philanthropy have led to clean water is available to thousands of people in rural Haiti and the building of countless roofs for families in need, educational opportunities for impoverished youth, and massive food program success from working directly with rural farmers.

“We’ve worked with many speakers and entertainers, but never before has someone taken the time and energy you did to get to know our niche industry. It was so well-received - I’ve been fielding texts from members all evening. It was exactly what our audience needed.”
- Karen Ladany, NAAGL

Note: The ratio of ideas to entertainment in any of Greg’s keynotes is entirely customizable. Inquire to find out more about Greg’s customization process.

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