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Brad Montgomery Featured Laugh-O-Nomics™

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  • Change Management: Change Can Be Funny
  • Funny Emcee-Master of Ceremonies For Your Convention or Meeting
  • Happiness At Work: How's and Wise of Happiness
  • Motivation:  Embrace Your Awesomeness

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  • 2003 Humor Me

Like you, happiness expert, speaker and author Brad Montgomery believes that happiness pays. He teaches that the bottom line is that happiness in the workplace is good for the bottom line. He’s a speaker. Author. Thought leader. Happiness Expert. Humorist. Facilitator. Audience participation master. And he’s funny. And most importantly, he has a meaningful, relevant, and unique business message that we all need to hear.

• Do we produce more when we are happy?
• Are we able to create happiness for ourselves?
• How much of happiness is up to us (verses our genes or environment?)

For the past 25 years of speaking, writing and thinking about how humor, levity, and especially happiness affect us in our workplaces, Brad shares with audiences as large as 3,000 and as small as three that happiness is an attitude, not an emotion. It’s a skill that can be broken down into parts, taught, learned and practiced. And when we improve our baseline of happiness, we also improve our results and bottom line.

Unlike other motivational speakers, Brad teaches specific and simple happiness techniques that people actually implement. And unlike other business speakers, Brad is able to present his ideas in a way that make people want to listen: he’s comedy-club funny & boardroom-ready. He has a non-traditional use of humor, PowerPoint, music, sound effects, real-life stories (and even confetti) that will leave your audience clamoring for more as well as eager to make specific changes in their own behavior.

Brad’s non-traditional fusion of laugh-out-loud humor together with teaching specific,
implementable action steps energizes your meeting in a way that other speakers touch. They listen because the information is solid and relevant. But they listen closely because Brad hangs the wisdom on entertaining framework of humor, intense audience-involvement (spiced with visuals, music, sound effects and even confetti.) He keeps his audiences on the edge of their seats because that’s where they learn best. And he keeps them laughing because it helps with retention.

MillerCoors referred to Brad as “The best 90 minute investment ever in their people,”
Organizations who partnered with Brad to help their people become more creative, innovative and productive through greater happiness include Verizon Wireless, Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente John Deere Landscapes (who called Brad’s programs “Transformational”), the FBI (yes that FBI), the CIA, (yes that CIA) and the IRS — where Brad withheld 30% of his best ideas.

Brad guarantees his programs because he has the credits and experience to assure success. He earned his Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association, has spoken professionally in all 50 states and on four continents. He’s written two books on humor, authored several audio programs, taught humor skills to Toastmasters and other professional speakers, and even produced an iPhone app. Prior to becoming one of the most sought after speakers in the corporate and association world, Brad was a magician, comedian, and juggler. He’s had tons of experience being fun & funny on purpose and on-demand.

Humor & Laughter of the best ways to get people to let down their guards and to really listen to motivation. Today’s groups are well-educated, sophisticated and well-informed. They demand the steak; they want the sizzle. Brad’s got ‘em both. (No he doesn’t bring lunch…it’s a metaphor.)

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