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Geoff Colvin Senior Editor-at-Large, Fortune Magazine, and Bestselling Author Arming Leaders to Confront Disruptive Change and Win

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  • Why this expert says Trump is bad for business

    Geoff Colvin, author of “Humans Are Underrated,” and editor and columnist for Fortune Magazine, joins CNBC's “Power Lunch” team to discuss why he says President Trump is bad for business. He cites immigration policy, the U.S.-China trade war and policy uncertainty.

  • For a time, Jack Welch was the most valuable CEO on earth

    It's a sign of Jack Welch's revolutionary influence on business that when you tell people about the pre-Welch world, they don't believe you...

  • When it Comes to the Optimism Divide Between Ceos and Investors Somebody's Wrong

    Trouble is brewing when the owners of a business and the managers who run that business see the world in fundamentally different ways. That's the uncomfortable situation right now at America's publicly traded corporations.

  • Going Private: Take This Market and Shove It

    More and more companies are saying goodbye to public shareholders, activist investors, and regulators. Here's why it's so easy to go—and stay—private.

  • Understanding the 2020 Election as Brand Marketing

    Why did virtually every top pollster and pundit get the 2016 election screamingly wrong?

  • Geoff Colvin – Landing Page

    The best companies and leaders win by confronting reality faster than the competition. Geoff Colvin delivers valuable insights to help them do just that. His unique perspective stems from unparalleled access to top global business leaders who tell him what they're seeing, thinking, and doing. As a result, Geoff can show audiences a clearer path through an uncertain future. Geoff is author of four books including the groundbreaking international bestseller Talent Is Overrated. His latest, Humans are Underrated, dramatically portrays the future of work and the crucial, changing role of humans in a workplace filled with robots and smart technology.