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Elliot Kotek Featured Founder & CEO -The Nation of Artists; 5xCannes, 5xSxSW & Emmy-winning International Speaker

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  • Crossing Borders with Passion | Elliot Kotek | TEDxYouth@Austin

    It is the people who share our passion for our purpose that enable us to truly make things happen. And it is those in our extended circle of influence who amplify those good things. As a full time social innovator, Elliot Kotek uses this philosophy to create global change through surprising collaborations. Elliot is a social innovator with degrees in law, science and storytelling. He's obsessed with collaborating to create content and campaigns to help real people in real need, and then utilizing brands to amplify those stories.

  • The Robot Duck Helping Kids With Cancer

    Social Robotics into the Field of Medicine. "A Friend Who Will Always Be There" in helping kids. In January we launched (I directed, produced, etc) a social robot campaign for Aflac that has generated in excess of 2 BILLION media impressions - just from its launch at CES alone it generated over 800 news articles and coverage from everyone from the New York Times to Mashable, TechCrunch, USA Today, Reuters and Refinery29

  • Project Daniel - Not Impossible's 3D Printing Arms for Children of War-Torn Sudan

    Not Impossible's Mick Ebeling returned home from Sudan's Nuba Mountains where he set up what is probably the world's first 3D-printing prosthetic lab and training facility. More to the point of the journey is that Mick managed to give hope and independence back to a kid who, at age 14, had both his arms blown off and considered his life not worth living.

  • Social Innovation Summit

    Technology for the Sake of Humanity: Elliot Kotek, Chief of Content & Co-Founder – Not Impossible

  • Humanity Extended

    Known for the Eyewriter, Project Daniel, the Brainwriter and introducing collaborative initiatives to teach kids with cerebral palsy to walk, Not Impossible's Elliot Kotek wants to inspire you to be part of a community of do-ers and dynamos making the world a more "human" place.


    Elliot Kotek, co-founder of Not Impossible Labs, presents the SIGGRAPH 2014 Keynote. By utilizing crowd-sourcing to crowd-solve healthcare issues, Not Impossible aims to provide low-cost and DIY solutions on an open-source platform, and to enable high-tech devices to reach people in need all over the world. Utilizing the content production strength of its founders, Not Impossible is disrupting the status quo of healthcare via compelling stories in which the one person helped inspires many to action. Not Impossible creates a sustainable cycle where collaboration inspires innovation, and where content compels further action.

  • The story of "Queen Mimi" - Elliot Kotek gives insight on Mimi's passion on being positive

    Celebrate Life is in consideration for an Academy Award for best original song of the year. Performed by Deana Carter. Written by Deana Carter and Ralph Stevens and available on Rugged Entertainment Records.

  • Innovation Squared

    Creator of the Innovation Squared series airing on Vox's The Verge, Elliot Kotek brings two world-class innovators from different disciplines together for a virtual chat, facilitating unlikely cerebral collisions in a COVID-friendly environment.

  • Whirlpool & Habitat for Humanity

    Elliot Kotek checked in on Habitat for Humanity families during COVID to discuss the impact of Whirlpool's commitment to providing housing and building communities.