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Christine Porath Author of "Mastering Community" and "Mastering Civility"

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  • TED talk: Why Being Respectful to Your Coworkers is Good for Business

    Incivility is prevalent in organizations, and it's getting worse. The costs of incivility are rising, too. Christine Porath will discuss the varied ways incivility wrecks performance and robs the bottom line. She will explain what civility buys you—and what you can focus on to be more effective. She will also share recommendations for what leaders should do to enhance their influence and craft a more respectful and thriving work environment.

  • Do Nice People Finish Last or Best? | Christine Porath | TEDxUniversityofNeva

    Who do you want to be? Do you make people feel valued and lifted up or hold people down by making them feel small. Incivility is extremely damaging.