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Chris Grimes Facilitator, Motivational Comedian, Speaker & Coach

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  • Introducing Chris Grimes

    Chris has been coaching in the corporate arena – across all levels of seniority, with individuals, teams and with large audiences – for the last 20 years. As a trained actor, teacher and comedy improvisation performer, Chris draws on all 3 of his performance disciplines to inform his engaging, innovative and powerful approach.

  • 00 - Backstory! - The Good Listening To Show & Podcast

    Ladies and Gentlemen I give you: "The Prologue"! The place - the launchpad - from which the story commences - the tone is set - and from whence all that follows - follows! There is also now a brand new "The Good Listening To" Facebook Group too! So here is the backstory about how the "What You Need is a Good Listening To" Podcast (then quickly shortened to the "Good Listening To" Podcast with me Chris Grimes) came about!