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Andrew Busch Featured Economic Futurist; 1st Chief Market Intelligence Officer for US Government

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It was fantastic to have Andy provide the keynote address at our economic outlook conference. We got so much great feedback that everyone loved his insights and his presentation! He tailored it specifically for us and showed the future AZ growth opportunities. We'd love to have him come back!

Alex Rounds (McAlister), Event Director, Phoenix Business Journal

On January 28th in answer to a question about “black swans”, Andy said, “The biggest black swan event I see is an infectious disease outbreak hitting the US economy. This has the biggest potential to disrupt growth.” Andy helped our audience see the future through his presentation on the economy and gave us a chance to prepare for it. We'd have him back anytime for new insights during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Audrey Lakin/Executive Director for Chicago Office Leasing Brokers Association

Andy was fantastic. We had many, many members come up and say he was the best keynote speaker we've booked. He's funny, upbeat and took time to spend time with our members. We were inspired by his positive look into the future for the economy and opportunities.

Beth Mills, Western Bankers Association

Andy was fantastic for our members as he provided key insights into the new policy direction from the Biden administration and the great opportunities coming in the future for financial services. He greatly enhanced our virtual meeting and we look forward to having him back soon.

Dale Brown, President and CEO, Financial Services Institute

Andrew Busch was an outstanding speaker for our 2020 Annual Conference webinar. Andy helped our attendees understand the impact of COVID on our economy and what opportunities lie ahead as the economy reopens. His presentation was engaging and energetic with lots of great real-life examples. His optimistic outlook had a positive impact on our group and provided insights to help us grow in the future. This is the second time we've had him speak for our group and we're glad we had him back.

Kate Cole MN Association of Financial Professionals

Andy Busch mesmerised our attendees! This is the 3rd time we've had him come back. He gave us tools to grow our members business. The case study was incredibly helpful to understand our future opportunities.

Lauren Lakin, CEO Executive Productions, Chicago Office Leasing Broker Association

Mr. Busch was an outstanding speaker as our audience was thoroughly engaged and captivated by his fast paced, insightful and humorous presentation.

Mike Steffes CEO, ACES Power Marketing

We've worked with Andy Busch on several conferences and he's fantastic. He combines his unique experiences of working in US government with thirty years of analyzing the markets to give a perspective few can match. His stories, his insights, his passion drives audience participation both during and after the keynote.

Oliver Kirkbright, Production Manager, Worldwide Business Research

Andy's powerful and entertaining talk resonated with our audience. And they asked questions until time ran out. Today, it's tough to find an objective voice when it comes to the economy and politics, but he's the one speaker we'd trust to cover these topics anytime.

Peter Magnuson, Director Law Firm Ladenburg Thalman

As our keynote speaker, Andrew hit a home run with our conference attendees by providing hope and future growth opportunities during challenging times. He was insightful and thought provoking, plus did a great job in addressing the key geopolitical issues faced by the agriculture sector. We'd love to have him back.

Peter Rudeen, Agribank, VP Business Development,

We had Andy speak at our recent board of directors meeting and he was excellent. He provided us with a simple framework to explain the major forces at work in the economy and how they impact our business. We found great value in his presentation.

Scott Humphrey, Chairman of the Board, Heska Corporation