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Andrew Busch Economist, Public Policy & Market Expert, 1st Chief Market Intelligence Officer US government

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  • Virtual 2020 Election Highlight Reel for CRE

    Economist/Keynote Speaker/Virtual Event Expert Andrew Busch's highlight reel, "2020 US Presidential Election: impact on economy, business and jobs." He covers current economic slump, Trump/Biden policies and the latest key issues for voters. Financial services, ESG, trade, environment and energy all covered.

  • Biden's VP Choice: who's the number 1 pick?

    Keeping with my election mantra that we could see the largest swing in policy of our lifetimes, it's critical to know who's a heartbeat away from the presidency. In this video, we discuss the potential vice presidential picks for the leading candidate Joe Biden. This candidate doesn't agree with Biden on everything, but you can bet she would agree to become his vice president.

  • How I help audiences move from chaos 2 confidence

    By booking Andy, clients get a deeply researched, insightful keynote speech on the nexus of economics, politics and business. To get a feel of what that's like, check out the video. Andy is an expert in crafting every keynote to the client and their needs. He did this for Congress, the US Treasury and the White House. And now he brings those skills sets to your clients. Andy provides a unique framework, that resonates with audiences and helps them understand the complex world we live in.