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Andrew Busch Featured Economic Futurist; 1st Chief Market Intelligence Officer US Government

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  • Plastics Industry & the Impact of Global Developments

    The plastics industry is one that is highly dependent on energy and water for its operation. Both climate change, and the related weather and drought impacts, as well as the energy crisis from the Russian war, can affect the plastics sector in multiple ways, which we will closely explore in this article. Moreover, with the recent United Nations (UN) resolution on ending plastic waste and the expected global legal regulations in 2024, the plastics industry is expected to witness a change as it rapidly transitions to a more circular one.

  • Interest Rates: what happens next

    On Wednesday, the US Federal Reserve raised its short-term interest rates by 75 basis points, to a range of 2.25% to 2.50% from a range of 1.5%-1.75%, their highest level since December 2018. If you've been following the economic events in recent times, this was expected. It was literally old news as the central bank has for weeks been telegraphing to the markets (WSJ Nick Timaros) what they would do at this meeting.

  • Supply Chains: why the mess and when will it end

    Covers the major drivers of supply chain disruption and when it may end.

  • Why ESG Now?

    Covers the major forces driving climate change and why investors are pouring dollars into ESG funds.

  • ESG: A Major Opportunity

    In this paper, we'll review what ESG is, why demand is rising and what some of the problems are for this type of investment. Key Takeaway: ESG investing is growing rapidly and could be super-charged by a Biden administration and the new EU stimulus program.