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Space Exploration keynote speakers give us insight into hard work and perseverance. Reaching one's full potential to dare to dream big along with having a few setbacks along the way are the hallmarks of a great space exploration keynote speaker. GDA has a roster of space exploration keynote speakers to empower your attendees.

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José Hernandez Featured

Former NASA Astronaut; Inspiration for Amazon Prime Movie "A Million Miles Away"; Entrepreneur; Farmer; Vintner; Author

José Hernandez, born into a Mexican migrant farmworker family, shares his remarkable journey from humble beginnings to making history as the first person of Mexican descent to travel to space. He shares how he overcame numerous obstacles to achieve his dream - exemplifying the power of determination and hard work. 

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Mike Massimino Featured

Astronaut, Columbia Professor, Author, Media Personality

An astronaut, the first person to tweet from space, a recurring character on The Big Bang Theory, and a New York Times bestselling author, Mike is currently a Columbia University professor, an Intrepid Museum advisor, a television host, and frequent guest on morning shows, news programs, and late night television.

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Douglas Vakoch, Ph.D.

President of METI–Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence, disrupting conventional science as “The Man Who Speaks for Earth.”

Called “The Man Who Speaks for Earth” by The New Yorker, Dr. Douglas Vakoch leads the disruptive scientific project to transmit radio messages into space, in the hope of making first contact with ET.

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