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Tony Brigmon Ambassador of FUN

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Select Keynotes

  • FUNOMENAL Attitude & Employee Engagement
  • FUNOMENAL CARE; Caring for Self, Others and Work! (Healthcare)
  • FUNOMENAL Change
  • FUNOMENAL Communicaton
  • FUNOMENAL Culture
  • FUNOMENAL Customer Service
  • FUNOMENAL Leadership
  • FUNOMENAL Productivity
  • FUNOMENAL Safety
  • FUNOMENAL Sales - Find What Customers Want & Provide it in an Irresistibly Attractive Way
  • FUNOMENAL Teamwork

Select Book Titles

  • 2016 The FUNOMENAL™ WORKPLACE: Energizing People & Culture with the Positive Power of Fun

Tony Brigmon's Experience Spans Being:

  • The Face of Southwest Airlines culture as their official "Ambassador of FUN"
  • Author: "The FUNomenal™ Workplace: Energizing People & Culture with the Positive Power of Fun"
  • Awarded Southwest Airlines most Prestigious Award, the President's Award (out of 2000 + employees)
  • Southwest Airlines "Insider" delivering best practices and concepts learned & observed at Southwest & elsewhere
  • 2000 + conference presentations delivered worldwide
  • More than a quarter of a million attendees impacted!
  • Fun, high-energy, interactive & tailored content-rich presentations

Tony Brigmon is a party animal. He’s been known to stay up well past nine o’clock drinking root beer and telling G-rated jokes. Sure, the neighbors complain, but that doesn’t stop him.

Because Tony is serious about having fun. Serious fun, with serious results.

As a result of his questionable spelling skills, Tony learned at an early age that his name spelled backward is “YNOT.” As in, “YNOT take a closer look at using Tony as your next keynote speaker?” Or “YNOT smile when you should be crying?”

Tony is a Southwest Airlines “Insider” and the former "face" of their renowned culture as their official “Ambassador of Fun!” At Southwest Airlines, “fun” was the power of “positivity” that helped catapult a small carrier into a force that changed the airline industry.

Today, Tony is a popular speaker, emcee, and author of "The FUNOMENAL™ Workplace."

“Fun” transformed this author’s work and life. YNOT discover if the serious power of fun can transform the next 30 seconds of your day or 30 years of your life?

Let’s create YOUR Funiversity™ Experience. YNOT book Tony Brigmon and learn how "fun" makes you irresistibly attractive in your communication with others. You can do this. So, YNOT?

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