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Tom Morris World's Top Public Philosophers and Pioneering Business Thinkers

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"Never before did I have to contend with physically pulling my attendees from a speaker; they just couldn't get enough of you! But most importantly, the subject mater was 100% on target, and met our objective of prompting discussion and afterthought well into the evening - a mark of true success. We can't wait to have you back in front of our 1,000 plus person region in June!"

Jenn Krasnigor, SE Regional Meeting Planner, Price Waterhouse

“Tom Morris is a font of knowledge with a firecracker presence. The way he lit up the room with big ideas and engaged all of the participants was truly impressive.”

Lovdy E. H.. Grossman, Director, Office of Conferences & Training, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin