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Todd Buchholz Economist & Former Director of Economic Policy under George H.W. Bush

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  • All of these health-care plans are so 20th century

    Trying to solve health-care problems by focusing just on demand is like trying to cut rope with only the bottom blade of a scissors. You’ll likely struggle to get the results you desire, and you might even hurt yourself.

  • Why rich nations may be their own worst enemy

    Economist Todd Buchholz rails against what America has become: a people who want everything but aren’t willing to pay for it. In “The Price of Prosperity,” he suggests that wealthy nations such as the U.S. inflict harm on themselves, even cause their own demise, by racking up debt, having fewer children and increasing governmental regulations. Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports.

  • The Go-Nowhere Generation

    The New York Times, March 2012

  • Washington Should Lock In Low Rates

    Wall Street Journal, June 2012: With the Fed pushing yields near zero, there's no excuse for not issuing longer-maturity bonds.