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Shane Feldman Global Youth Empowerment Expert, Producer, and Social Entrepreneur; Founder and CEO of Count Me In.

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  • Leadership Passport: Attracting, Empowering and Retaining a High-Performing Team
  • Relationship Passport: Inspiring and Retaining Loyal Customers
  • Future-Proof Passport: Building and Scaling to Move Beyond Competition and Elevate Impact

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Shane Feldman believes community is the answer to every question, and the solution to every problem.

Recognized by The White House, Prime Minister of Canada, and United Nations for his achievements in community leadership, Shane Feldman helps leading brands optimize team culture, leadership, engagement and retention.

Shane is the founder of COUNT ME IN, the world-renowned social entrepreneurship incubator and community of 10.2M people across 104 countries. Started as a small project out of Shane’s high school locker, over the past 13 years COUNT ME IN has launched more than 30,000 ventures worldwide, contributing a value of over $2.6 billion to the global economy through service.

Having researched community leadership and human behavior in 28 countries across 5 continents, Shane has uncovered universal strategies that make teams click and businesses thrive. His inspiring sessions offer key insights, equipping corporate audiences with the tools they need to build trust and empower human connection at every touchpoint, allowing individuals and teams to connect more authentically and perform at their highest levels.

Shane has been featured by Larry King, Dr. Oz, Forbes, People Magazine, and he is the subject of a documentary TV series from A&E. He has worked with some of the world's most dynamic companies including Google, Microsoft, and Disney.

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