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Scott Steinberg World's Leading Business Strategist, Innovation + Trends Expert, Technology Futurist

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  • Customer Influence

    The most loyal customers understand how remarkable you truly are. Scott explains.

  • Trendspotting: How to See Tomorrow's Trends Today

    As a Technology expert, Scott can spot trends.

  • Scott Steinberg Innovation 1

    Scott discuss how to have low overhead with mobility including an example of a food truck.

  • Success Secrets: How to Overcome Challenges and Setbacks

    How we deal with setbacks can catapult one to take risks to greatness.

  • Business Speaker: The New Habits of Hugely Successful Organizations

    Business speaker Scott Steinberg breaks down the new habits, skills and capabilities needed for businesses and non-profits to succeed in today's hyper-competitive world. You'll discover the secrets that market leaders use to stay ahead of the curve in this eye-opening presentation by the author of Make Change Work for You. For more expert hints and tips, or insights from a top keynote speaker, please speak to GDA's agents

  • How to Create Competitive Advantage

    How can you and your business create competitive advantage and stay at the forefront of your field? Keynote speaker and trends expert Scott Steinberg reveals the secret to leading innovators' success - and how anyone can use the same formula to get ahead in their business or career. Be sure to check out new book Make Change Work for You: 10 Ways to Future-Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate and Succeed Despite Uncertainty for other hints, tips and strategic insights.

  • How to Make Innovation Simple

    Futurist and technology speaker Scott Steinberg explains why innovation is simpler than you think, and how to be more resourceful or resilient in your career or business. Features include inside hints, tips and advice from one of today's top business leadership speakers. For more, you can also see new book Make Change Work for You.

  • Change Management Speaker: How to Make Change Work for You

    Change management speaker and bestselling author Scott Steinberg explains how to make change work for you and your organization.