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Sam Rad The Radical Futurist; Anthropologist; Entrepreneur

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  • Future of Society · Stansberry 2022

    Keynote address November 2022 for Stansberry Research. Future of Society and Governance of the Metaverse.

  • Sam Rad (Radocchia) · Radical Next · Keynote Speaker · Bank of You - ExFinance Brazil 2019

    Samantha Radocchia delivers a keynote address, titled, "Welcome to the Bank of You" on Open Banking and Financial Inclusion for Singularity University and HSM's Exponential Finance summit at the World Trade Center in Sao Paulo Brazil. She highlights the changing landscape in the banking sector, and discusses how finances are becoming digitized, decentralized, and democratized leading to greater transparency and opportunities in the developing world.

  • Decentralized Industry 4.0 - SingularityU Italy Summit 2019

    Samantha Radocchia delivers a keynote address on how decentralized business models will transform the way we live, transact, and do business. She highlights the shifts from centralized to decentralized industry, and shows how anything from how we manage out finances, where and how we work, form community, have fun, manage healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, supply chain, energy, and governance is radically changing.