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Phil Hansen Featured Internationally-Recognized Multimedia Artist, Author, Innovator

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  • Phil Hansen

    Immerse yourself in the world of limitless creativity and innovation with Phil Hansen. Phil's inspirational talks challenge boundaries, ignite imagination, and redefine possibilities.

  • Embrace the Shake | Phil Hansen | TED Talks

    In art school, Phil Hansen developed an unruly tremor in his hand that kept him from creating the pointillist drawings he loved. Hansen was devastated, floating without a sense of purpose. Until a neurologist made a simple suggestion: embrace this limitation ... and transcend it.

  • The power of constraints: Phil Hansen at TEDxKC

    Phil Hansen is a multimedia artist who works at the intersection of traditional visual art, pointillism, and offbeat techniques. He is most widely known for his meta-art, videos that document the creation process, showing millions that art is action, not just result.

  • Community Inspires Creativity: Phil Hansen | Adobe Photoshop

    Phil Hansen believes that limitations can actually drive creativity. Listen as this talented multimedia artist shares his offbeat techniques and personal process of creation.

  • Poems in Poets by Phil Hansen

    Specific words and phrases can bring up memories of people. The words are stretched out. Four images Edgar Allan Poe (words from Annabel Lee), Walt Whitman (Words from O'Captain, My Captain), Bob Dylan(Lyrics from "Times They Are A Changing", and Kendrick Lamar (Words from Be Humble).

  • Mosaic Art Experience

    This art experience is for groups with 500+ attendees.