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Paul J Long Featured Maximize fulfillment, change perspective and manifest more of “What's GOOD!”

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“In all of my years in the business I have never met anyone who can do it like he can. His motivation is long term. At AT&T he has proven results. His sessions have moved numbers. The centers he has visited are performing at sustained higher levels. I would recommend him to any business who wants to improve their employee satisfaction or their customer service.”

R.E., Chief of Staff, AT&T

Paul's ability to take risks, create psychological safety and pull the energy of the room together was amazing...and let's not forget how funny he is. Honestly, I laughed so much.

Sara, Fusion Conference

?Paul was the best Master of Ceremonies we could have asked for, and everything we needed. We hired Paul to add an element of continuity to all our main stage session and give them that pop of energy and boy did he deliver. From rehearsals, where he put the non-professional speakers at ease, to the live events where he made sure to hit all the highlights and keep that energy up, he was invaluable as a member of the show. Paul was able to connect to our audience immediately and get the normally reserved group to smile, laugh, and engage! He helped to make our association leaders look great on stage and ensured our sponsors felt recognized. Most importantly, he rolled with the punches. We had an entire main stage session drop out at the last minute due to travel challenges, and Paul jumped right in and filled a few minutes here and 15 minutes there and it seemed natural, and it was amazing. Paul became a member of our team from day one, and by day 2 he was a member of the NAFA family. Our members can't wait to see him again next year.

Tina Lynn Mercardo, CEM, DES Director, Events & Education

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I don't know where to begin on my feedback and experience with Paul Long. From the personalized video prior to making our final closing keynote speaker decision, his engagement with our attendees prior to session, his incorporating himself to our team for the "Dinner with the Family" reception, to the most dynamic, engaging, and let's not forget FUN closing keynote speaker. Paul Long was EXCATLY the speaker we needed for our conference. He delivered such an energetic, captivating and tactical presentation. This was the first time we had a motivational speaker not only provide attendees with inspiration, quite a few laughs but most importantly tactical FUNdamentals our attendees walked away with to apply in both their work and personal life. We could not be more happy with having him as part of our conference. He was a very different speaker than we have had in the past and so thrilled to have gone with him. It was the perfect FUN we were looking for. Thank you a million times.

Daphne Saliba Guilbaud Health Choice Network

Paul delivered exactly the positive, upbeat message that my team needed. Everyone had valuable takeaways and it is great to see how they have begun to apply his tips for FUN in the days following our event. We appreciated the link he provided to his workbook so that we can utilize that resource both as a group and individually to explore even more FUN.

Stephanie Mehlhorn Uline

Paul Long is an amazing speaker who truly connected with the audience. His concept of FUNdamsim at work truly resonated with the audience and attendees are still buzzing about the presentation days later. He is the perfect opener to get your event off to a dynamic start but also the perfect closer to send attendees off on the highest of notes.

Patty Ames Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers (ADDP)