Michele Rigby Assad Former CIA Intelligence Officer; Counterterrorism & Security Expert

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  • The Life Altering Power of Grit
  • What Dealing with Terrorists Taught Me About Sales, Unconscious Bias, and Hidden Strengths
  • The POWER of PERSEVERANCE: Lessons from the CIA to maintain your FOCUS and sustain your MOMENTUM during times of change
  • Get Off the X: Get the Inspiration You Need to Survive and Thrive

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  • 2018 Breaking Cover: My Secret Life in the CIA and What It Taught Me about What's Worth Fighting For

You must keep secrets but skillfully persuade others to tell you theirs. You have to love your country but willingly leave it behind for dangerous operations around the world. You need to live a double life but be trustworthy enough to carry out the nation’s most sensitive tasks. Michele Rigby Assad was one of those people.

Working undercover for the CIA, she served in treacherous areas throughout the Middle East—a woman leading some of the most highly skilled operatives on the planet. The threats were real. The missions were perilous. And deep inside, Michele wondered: Could she really do this job or had she misunderstood her life’s calling?

In her book Breaking Cover, Michele was cleared to drop cover and tell her story of incredible struggle, of unexpected challenges and thwarted missions, and most significantly, of powerfully realizing what really matters in the face of her greatest fears.

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