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Michael Franzese Former Member of Colombo Organized Crime Family. Current Speaker, author, TV and Film personality.

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  • Michael Franzese Interview (second) : Icons of Faith Series

    Pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie sits down with former mafia crime family member Michael Franzese. In his past life, Michael was one of the richest and most powerful mobsters of his day, earning tens of millions of dollars from various criminal enterprises, but this is not the most incredible thing about Michael Franzese. By God's grace, the impossible happened in Michael's life: he quit the mob and lived. Christ transformed him from hardened criminal to follower of Christ. This is an amazing and encouraging story giving hope that no one is beyond Christ and His transformative power.

  • Michael Franzese on Quitting the Mafia, His Own Father Putting a Hit on Him (Part 11)

    Michael Franzese on Quitting the Mafia, His Own Father Putting a Hit on Him When you join, you take a blood oath. Michael, so when you quit, it is a death wish.

  • Ten commandments of the mafia

    Ten Mafia Commandments (Documentary)

  • Michael Franzese | Cambridge Union

    Michael Franzese is a former New York mobster of the Colombo crime family. He was heavily involved in the gasoline tax rackets in the 1980s. when he was listed by Fortune as one of the most ‘Fifty Most Wealthy and Powerful Mafia Bosses' generating $5 to $8 million a week. He became the main target of Manhattan's federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani, who later became Mayor of New York. After escaping 5 indictments, he was eventually imprisoned for 10 years, during which he became a devoted Christian.