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Kyle Maynard Inspirational Athlete, Entrepreneur & Author of No Excuses

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  • Without Limbs He Conquered the Impossible | Kyle Maynard | Goalcast

    To truly know our limits is to test our limits. Entrepreneur, speaker, and athlete, Kyle Maynard was the first quadruple-amputee to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Aconcagua without any prosthetics. His inspiring journey will make you reconsider your own limits.

  • No Limbs Needed for This Badass Mountaineer

    When he was young, Kyle Maynard's dream was to become a professional athlete. Born with a condition that left him without legs or arms, Kyle never stopped pursuing that goal. In high school, he was a champion wrestler at the state level. In his 20s, he became an MMA fighter and opened his own CrossFit gym. Now, he climbs some of the tallest mountains in the world.

  • Unlimited Will: Kyle Maynard

    Kyle's Unlimited Will to Climb. All discoveries happen from "I Don't Know." Why? Because one figures it out.

  • Kyle Maynard Speaking Introduction

    Story of Kyle always getting encouragement and following his dreams. He also gives much credit to his grandmother.

  • Kyle Maynard ESPN

    When Kyle Maynard was 14 years old, he put his own socks on for the first time -- not an easy thing to do for a young man with virtually no arms and no legs. The first sock took him 30 minutes. The second one took him 15 minutes. Facing challenges and succeeding has been the hallmark of the life of Kyle Maynard, who made a name for himself into a high school wrestling champ and now as an adult, looks to inspire others with what he can do.