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Ken Hughes World Leading Shopper & Consumer Behaviouralist, Customer Experience Strategist

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  • The authenticity of Frankenstein

    Today brands need not to just have a heart, but also a soul. We need to focus on the human connection, to touch and connect with them in a real way, not some mass market communication. Above all, Generation Z are only interested in brands that are ‘genuine'. We need to go above and beyond what they expect to truly delight and engage.

  • 6 Generations of consumers

    Today every brand or business needs to take account of 6 different consumer sets, each with varying value sets and expectations. The differences between Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z and Alpha to come may be subtle at times, but the challenge remains. To keep your brand relevant to all consumers is difficult but critical. Relevance is key and understanding what the new and future consumer requires from you and your business is the only way to thrive.

  • The 10-Dollars Uber Story

    When did 10-Dollars Uber become a measure of distance? The world is clearly changing.

  • Time bending -- 365 ways to unlock creativity and innovation

    Ken Hughes' work in behaviouralism has led him on an interesting journey. Ken spent a year experiencing something playful, something risky, something new that he had never done before, every day, for a year. Although it started off as a personal journey it quickly spread to those around him, in both his personal and professional life. Play, risk, creativity, and innovation is now a big part of Ken's approach to helping blue-chip clients stimulate their organizational creativity, and by extension their innovation.

  • Positive Disruption: The blue dot consumer

    Every company and industry is resourcing for disruption, bending rules, breaking moulds and challenging norms. It seems everyone is at it. But really, Disruption is about being ready for it. Preparing for those changes is difficult – that's why they call it DISRUPTION and not GENERALLY PREDICTIVE CHANGE.

  • The Lemur Story and the desire for Instant Gratification of Today's consumer

    Today's consumer knows what they want and just how to get it. Learn to listen as to be honest they'll tell you pretty fast. In fact learn all you need to know about the desire for instant gratification of consumers from this Lemur.