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Jim Carroll Global Futurist, Keynote Speaker and Innovation Expert

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  • Jim Carroll 2019 Highlight Reel - short

    So many changes coming at us in so many directions.

  • The Future Belongs to Those Who Are Fast

    Jim Carroll, from the opening to a keynote to an audience of thousands in Las Vegas "The Future Belongs to Those Who are Fast!"

  • When Do You Innovate?

    In the face of widespread economic challenges, some organizations are pulling back on innovation,. Should you? Not at all. In this clip from a keynote in Las Vegas, futurist, trends & innovation expert Jim Carroll challenges you to confront the future head on.

  • Who is Jim Carroll?

    Discover how Jim Carroll provides unique customized insight in his keynotes -- and the types of very focused presentations that he takes on -- from a recent visit by Jim to GDA Speakers

  • Could the Energy Industry Be MP3'd?

    The CEO of a major US energy company hired Jim Carroll to do a video that would provide for provocative thinking in the industry. Here's the result -- could the energy industry be MP3'd?

  • Dealing with the Innovation Killers

    Trends & Innovation Expert Jim Carroll, on stage in Las Vegas, speaking to a global audience on the challenges that occur with innovation -- and why organizations need to turbocharge their culture in order to deal with fast paced market, branding, customer and product change.

  • The Future Belongs To Those Who Think Big!

    Innovative organizations are heroes who are out to change the world!

  • Health Care 2020: Moore's Law, Genetics and Transformation

    Jim Carroll on stage in Dallas, as the opening keynote speaker for the Chronic Disease Foundation annual partnership meeting, speaking to the massive transformation that is occurring in the world of healthcare now and into the future.

  • Things From The Olden Days

    Innovation expert Jim Carroll tells a poignant story of how quickly the world is changing, through the eyes of his sons

  • Rethinking Innovation

    A clip from Jim's keynote for the PGA, challenging the audience to think about innovation in a different way. As you can see, he ran a live interactive text message poll -- and had about 200 instant responses, which helped to focus everyone in the room on the big goals that need to be focused on!