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Jennifer Goldman Organizational Psychologist and the Founding Principal of Alignment Strategies Group

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  • Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler: "Mastering Conflict" | Talks at Google

    Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler is a high-impact organizational psychologist, keynote speaker, and executive coach who helps CEOs and their senior teams optimize organizational health and growth by enabling them to master conflict.

  • Optimal Outcomes: Solve the Unsolvable – Even Without the Other Side’s Cooperation

    This talk brings to life the concepts in Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler’s forthcoming book, "Optimal Outcomes," and introduces a set of practices that allow you to free yourself from even the toughest situations and conflicts – at work, at home, and in public life – even without cooperation from the other side. Jennifer Goldman discusses how to identify what undermines your ability to solve the problem, discover new levers for change, harness difficult emotions, imagine and test sustainable optimal outcomes, and take the pattern-breaking actions required to bring lasting transformation.