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Jenn Lim Featured CEO | Founder | Bestselling Author | Global Workplace Expert

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  • SUCCESS You've probably had the Sunday scaries. To beat them, consider ‘bare minimum Mondays'

    Most of us are familiar with the Sunday scaries. Marisa Jo knew those feelings all too well: “I would wake up on Monday already feeling behind, overwhelmed, and anxious — this feeling would only compound as the week continued.” “I was trying to get myself to overachieve my way out of the burnout I was experiencing, but of course, that didn't work.” Sick of the “instant panic” she felt upon waking up, she gave herself permission one Monday last year to do the bare minimum for work.

  • How to Achieve (and Keep) a Great Company Culture

  • Pay Transparency Is Not EnoughBut it is a start.

    Here's how to make your workplace more equitable and attract top talent.

  • How To Use ‘Quiet Hiring' to Your Advantage

    It's a new year and there's a new workplace buzzword in play: quiet hiring . What is it and what does it involve? Most important: How can you take advantage of it if it happens to you ?

  • Experts Predict 2023 Will Be the Year of ‘Quiet Hiring'—Here's What to Expect

    Quiet quitting was trending in 2022, as employees responded to feeling underappreciated, underutilized and under-compensated. So, they stopped trying, doing the bare minimum necessary to stay employed and fly under the radar. Business leaders now have a response, one called “quiet hiring.” This new workplace phenomenon is the result of bosses trying to figure out creative ways to fill gaps in their companies without spending extra money to hire new employees. With the 2022 talent shortage going strong and 11 million jobs still unfilled, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, leaders are restructuring to find their best talent within.

  • Gen Z kinda wants to return to the office, but everyone else doesn't. Why you need to meet in the middle

    The CEO of Delivering Happiness says it's easy to make a sweeping mandate to revoke work-from-home privileges or maintain remote forever but the resulting effects aren't worth it.

  • How Employees and Employers Can Thrive With a 4-Day Workweek

    A four-day workweek may soon become a reality for many as employers realize its benefits.

  • Can Money Buy Happiness?

    Stop Spending Money to Avoid Uncomfortable Emotions

  • ‘Bare Minimum Monday' Controversy: Quiet Quitting Versus Mitigating Burnout

    Currently batted around the workplace, the term Bare Minimum Mondays (BMMs), means different things to different people. Some see it as a passive-aggressive extension of quiet quitting when workers object to overworking—doing as little as possible to get through the Monday doldrums without major deadlines, meetings and sifting through inboxes. Others view it as a form of self-care to maintain work-life balance and prevent job burnout.

  • What the What! Salesforce Layoffs

    You know those moments when you're scrolling through the news or hear about the latest trend on social media, that stops you in your tracks and makes you think, "what, the what?!" Yes, those moments. I'm going to start sharing some of my "What, the what?!" moments (the good, the bad and the ugly) that I come across within the workplace or everyday topics that are happening in the world. In this edition of #WTW, I'm sharing my take on the recent Salesforce layoffs and some of the key learnings we can apply from everything that went down.

  • What the What! Mental Monday

    In this week's WTW?! ["What the What?!”] instead of jumping on the bandwagon of all the new workplace trends — being quiet or raging or getting by on bare minimum Mondays — how about a "Mental Monday” instead. What if we reframe the usual dread of Mondays by taking a small (but big) step towards prioritizing our mental health? Then we can start seeing what's beyond the latest trend and understand *for ourselves* what meaningful change can be.

  • What the What! Learning from NBA Star Giannis Antetokounmpo

    This What the What?! episode is inspired by the NBA playoffs (gooo dubs!) and what important live/work lessons we can learn from people that compete for a living.