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Jeff Havens Serious Solutions. Seriously Funny.

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Jeff Havens was a phenomenal speaker to work with. His dedication to understanding the event and its cultural context (for our Hong Kong event), his patience and flexibility with our many rounds of script edits, and his cheerful responsiveness throughout, all gave our team a peace of mind that is rare in the lead-up to a major event. The resulting keynote he delivered was first-class – informative, witty, thought-provoking, and full of personal touches that made it truly resonate with our audience. We would recommend Jeff without hesitation for any type of corporate event.

Account Manager - racepoint

Oh my goodness, he was a humongous hit!! We had a stellar lineup of speakers. Jeff was hugely popular! The conversations that festered the afternoon after his talk, about everyone's experiences with tyrant bosses, was epidemic. Jeff is fantastic!! But he also got people thinking. His unique approach lingered and stuck with people. Our audience raved. Jeff had a breakout the next day after his keynote. It was literally “standing room only.” There was nowhere left to stand! We should have anticipated that the capacity would be more than triple what was registered for his session. Good thing the fire marshal wasn't there.

American Payroll Company

Jeff is one of the best speakers you will ever have. I have used him for 2 different organizations. He is very engaging, and all really like his delivery as well as his content. He is not the normal dry speakers that we have all heard. Their message maybe right but the delivery is not. Jeff will astound your organization. I have been doing conventions etc. for over 50 years and he is one of the best. You will be well pleased with your selection.

Blue Star

Please forward our note of appreciation on to Jeff for the outstanding presentations he provided to the IRMA members on October 29th, 2015. His time and energy in preparing his remarks for "Unleash the Inner Tyrant" and "Us Versus Them" were of practical value to our members. Not only were his talks informational but they were also entertaining. We received positive feedback regarding both presentations and I continue to get notifications from members on how much they enjoyed Jeff's presentations. I believe his presentations were among the best ever provided to our members. Attached is the tabulated evaluation from Us Versus Them. His opening session was evaluated from and overall evaluation form sent out through our registration software and he received 5's for Unleash the Inner Tyrant.


Jeff's, Uncrapify Your Life! presentation changed my life! As a club, we are always looking for insightful ways to better communicate our thoughts and ideas. Jeff's PowerPoint presentation gave us the strategies needed to succeed. All in all, the entire club enjoyed Jeff Havens' presentation. He provided lots of laughs. Additionally, I liked the more serious points on how we express ourselves to others that he provided at the end.

Kendall/Hunt Publishing