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Jeff Havens Serious Solutions. Seriously Funny.

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  • Dressing For Success - Video Series Trailer - Humorous

    What do your clothes say about you? A humorous take on dressing for success.

  • The 1-Second Solution to a Better, Happier Year - - - -

    This article was written five years ago, but it still holds up. Stop comparing your life to others.

  • The 4 Ways to Create a Vibrant Culture

    1. Am I Making Work Convenient For The People Who Work Here? 2.How Can I Make My Company Feel Like a Family? 3. Am I Telling People That This Is a Good Place To Work? 4. Am I Telling People That This Is a Good Place To Work?

  • The Truth About Making Or Breaking A Habit

    So if you are interested in making any changes of any kind to your life, your marriage, your job, your health, or your exotic animal collection, here are some things to keep in mind as you go about next year's personal transformation.

  • When to Raise Your Prices

    Raising prices. It’s a hard thing to say to someone, isn’t it? Although I’ll admit it’s a much nicer thing to say than, “I’ve decided I’d like to make more money while doing the same amount of work.”

  • How to Become More Productive By Doing Less Work

    So if our brains require unfocused time (dare I call it daydreaming?) in order to work at their peak efficiency, if taking breaks leads to more productivity than working non-stop, and if a bunch of lazy Germans can outperform a bunch of overworked South Koreans, why is it so difficult to convince people that the best way to speed up is to actually slow down?

  • Ten Great Ways to Pay it Forward

    To get you started, here are 10 simple ways to pay it forward.