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Jason Schenker Featured Leading Futurist; Top-Ranked Financial Forecaster and Economist

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I had the pleasure to have Jason be the Keynote speaker for two of the virtual conferences I manage for the AICPA & CIMA. He was great to work with, timely with all deliverables and received amazing feedback from our attendees. Our attendees always comment that he presents the information in a way that made it easy to understand.


Jason Schenker knows the business world and knows what is important to them. His “Economic Outlook” session for our conference has become a staple of the event and much anticipated by the attendees. The information he provides is invaluable; he is astute, controversial, and accurate in his assessment and analysis of global situations and markets. Our attendees, who are treasury and finance professionals in the corporate world, find Jason and this session to be invaluable. His speaking scores are always some of the highest among the over 400 speakers at our conference. In our world, Jason Schenker is a rock star!

Association of Financial Professionals

Mr. Schenker brought a wealth of knowledge and experience, seamlessly melding the diverse and profound themes of AI. His dynamic and engaging presentation on "Opportunities and Risks for AI Today and the Future" aptly captured the optimism and caution with which businesses should approach AI. Mr. Schenker didn't just speak about the transformative potential of AI; he provided actionable insights that could be immediately applied. He emphasized that AI's benefits aren't restricted to some distant horizon but can be reaped today with the right strategies. His grounded yet forward-thinking perspective serves as a beacon for all those keen on harnessing the potential of AI responsibly and productively. The integration of pioneering research from The Futurist Institute and Prestige Economics fortified his claims and brought academic rigor to the discourse. As the author of renowned publications, including "Jobs for Robots" and the editor of the "Robot and Automation Almanac," Mr. Schenker's data-driven approach was both compelling and reassuring. What truly resonated with the audience was Mr. Schenker's enthusiasm, humor, and relatable stories. His interactions with attendees and stimulating discussions underscored his deep engagement with the material.

Austin Chamber of Commerce

Jason Schenker is a high energy, powerhouse when it comes to sharing his expertise to any audience. Whether speaking to peers or subject matter novices, Jason kills it with his entertaining and fast paced delivery style. Jason knows his stuff as an economist but doesn’t take himself too seriously. His gift is that he can explain economic theory, history, and trends in a way that gets everyone in the audience excited and wanting to hear more. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Jason speak at a dozen or more events and must say that he continues to ‘bring it’ every keynote or presentation. He is a true gem.

International Association for Contract & Commercial Management

Well respected forecaster with valued opinions about the economy and commodity markets; the oil market in particular. I had the opportunity to interact with Jason when I was at OPEC. He does a superb job explaining the market perspective. He is a very active analyst and his reports and surveys about economic sentiment are essential to read. I especially recommend his analysis on commodity markets and market forces.


Jason Schenker is not only one of the foremost comic forecasters in the business, but is able to add humor and insights to the dismal science! He is a sure bet to delight, inform, and engage any group of managers.

Supply Chain Resource Cooperative

It's rare that you come across a speaker who makes economics fun and exciting. I had the pleasure of working with Jason planning a 1-hour session for a leadership meeting. He was a pleasure to collaborate with on the session concept and content, and his professionalism and communication throughout the process was stellar. Jason's presentation to our leadership team "knocked it out of the park"! The material was relevant, he was engaging, funny, practical and demystified some common industry jargon. Jason's personality and presentation style is infectious and raised the energy in the room tenfold. If you are looking to have an engaged and excited audience, Jason is an excellent choice

Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Jason Schenker is--hands down--one of today's most insightful, prescient, and compelling global thought leaders. His keen intellect, coupled with a unique ability to synthesize complicated economic and geopolitical issues into easily relatable talking points, makes him a stand out in every way. Jason delivered high powered guest lectures at National Intelligence University, (the US intelligence community's academic arm) and for my Foreign Service Institute class of diplomats. He gave these important audiences rare insights and perspectives on the global economy, energy crises, and the geopolitical consequences of what may become "Cold War Two." My students all raved about Jason's lecture, giving him the highest marks of any invited guest speaker to the class. Likewise, the invited faculty and academic leadership at NIU praised his analytic mind and powerful delivery. I have personally worked with Jason on several additional projects, including publishing the Pentagon's 2020 Global Futures Report, where he authored a chapter on global supply chain vulnerability. I always come away learning something new, unique, and insightful during every conversation that I have with Jason and he has taught me a great deal about the interconnectivity between markets and geopolitics. More importantly, he is a down-to-earth, approachable, and empathetic leader with exceptional strategic communication skills. If you're looking for a brilliant keynote speaker that will truly "wow" the most demanding global audience, look no further than Jason!

U.S. Air Force

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Jason did a fantastic job and we were all very impressed and pleased with his performance. Very smart and well connected guy with great charisma and interesting data.

Chris Coxon (Vice Chair) North Texas GPA Midstream Association