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Jason Schenker Leading Futurist and Top-Ranked Financial Forecaster and Economist

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  • Economic and FinTech Outlook: Disruptions Ahead
  • Growth Hacking Leadership
  • Managing Risk in a Disruptive Economic and Market Environment
  • Oil: Global Risks and Future Opportunities from OPEC, Shale, and Domestic Policy
  • Our Disruptive Future Economy
  • The Current Economic and Financial Outlook
  • The Economic and Financial Future After COVID.
  • The Economics of Elections
  • VIRTUAL or IN-PERSON: The Economic and Financial Future After COVID

Select Book Titles

  • 2020 The Future After COVID: Futurist Expectations for Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities After the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • 2019 Spikes: Growth Hacking Leadership
  • 2019 The Fog of Data: Navigating Data to Derive Implications, Unlock Value, Get Buy-In, and Increase Transparency
  • 2019 Financial Risk Management Fundamentals
  • 2019 The Future of Energy: Technologies and Trends Driving Disruption
  • 2019 The Dumpster Fire Election : Realistic Dystopian Expectations for the 2020 Presidential Election
  • 2019 The Future of Finance is Now
  • 2019 The Future of Agriculture
  • 2019 The Future of Healthcare
  • 2019 Futureproof Supply Chain: Planning for Disruption Risks and Opportunities in the Lifeline of the Global Economy
  • 2018 The Robot and Automation Almanac - 2018: The Futurist Institute
  • 2018 The Promise of Blockchain: Hope and Hype for an Emerging Disruptive Technology
  • 2018 Quantum: Computing Nouveau - The Technological Step Change That Could Foster Scientific Discovery, Break Blockchains, and Trigger a Global Cybersecurity Arms Race
  • 2018 The Robot and Automation Almanac - 2019: The Futurist Institute
  • 2018 A Gentle Introduction to Audit and Due Diligence
  • 2018 Midterm Economics: The Impact of Midterm Elections of Financial Markets and the Economy
  • 2017 Jobs for Robots: Between Robocalypse and Robotopia
  • 2017 Robot-Proof Yourself: How to Survive the Robocalypse and Benefit from Robots and Automation
  • 2016 Recession-Proof
  • 2016 Electing Recession: The Impact of Presidential Elections on Financial Markets and the Economy
  • 2012 Commodity Prices 101
  • 2012 Be The Shredder, Not The Shred

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Mr. Schenker is Chairman of The Futurist Institute and the President of Prestige Economics. He is one of the world's leading futurists and financial market forecasters.

Mr. Schenker has been ranked one of the most accurate financial forecasters and futurists in the world. Bloomberg News has ranked Mr. Schenker a top forecaster in 43 categories, including #1 in the world for his forecast accuracy in 25 categories, including for his forecasts of the Euro, the British Pound, the Swiss Franc, the Russian Ruble, the Chinese RMB, crude oil prices, natural gas prices, gold prices, industrial metals prices, agricultural commodity prices, and U.S. jobs.

Mr. Schenker was ranked one of the top 100 most influential financial advisors in the world by Investopedia in 2018.

His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg, and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He has appeared on CNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, Fox, Fox Business, BNN, NTV, Bloomberg Germany, and the BBC. Mr. Schenker has also been a guest host of Bloomberg Television and is a columnist for Bloomberg Opinion.

Mr. Schenker attends OPEC and Fed events, and he has given keynotes for public companies, industry groups, and the U.S. Federal Reserve. He has advised NATO and the U.S. government on the future of work, blockchain, Bitcoin,
cryptocurrency, quantum computing, data analysis, forecasting, and fake news. Mr. Schenker has written 18 books, six of which have been #1 Best Sellers, including: Jobs for Robots, Quantum: Computing Nouveau, Commodity Prices 101, Recession-Proof, Electing Recession, and The Robot and Automation Almanac. Mr. Schenker also wrote The Promise of Blockchain, Midterm Economics, The Future of Energy, Futureproof Supply Chain, The Fog of Data, Robot-Proof Yourself, Financial Risk Management Fundamentals, The Dumpster Fire Election, Spikes: Growth Hacking Leadership, and Be the Shredder, Not the Shred.

His forthcoming books include and The Future of Finance is Now, The Future of Agriculture, The Future of Healthcare, and Reading the Economic Tea Leaves.

Mr. Schenker advises executives, industry groups, institutional investors, and central banks as the President of Prestige Economics. He also founded The Futurist Institute in October 2016, for which Mr. Schenker has created a rigorous course of study that includes The Future of Work, The Future of Transportation, The Future of Data, The Future of Finance, Futurist Fundamentals, The Future of Energy, The Future of Leadership, The Future of Healthcare, and The Future of Quantum Computing. Mr. Schenker is also an instructor for LinkedIn Learning courses on Corporate Finance Risk Management, Audit and Due Diligence, Recession-Proof Strategies, and a weekly Economic Indicator series.

Mr. Schenker holds a Master’s in Applied Economics from UNC Greensboro, a Master’s in Negotiation from CSU Dominguez Hills, a Master’s in German from UNC Chapel Hill, and a Bachelor’s in History and German from The University of Virginia. He also holds a Certificate in FinTech from MIT, a Certificate in Supply Chain Management from MIT, a Certificate in Professional Development from UNC, a Certificate in Negotiation from Harvard Law School, and a Certificate in Cybersecurity from Carnegie Mellon. Mr. Schenker holds the professional designations CMT® (Chartered Market Technician), CVA® (Certified Valuation Analyst), ERP® (Energy Risk Professional), and CFP® (Certified Financial Planner). He is also a Certified Futurist and Long-Term AnalystTM and holds the FLTATM designation.

Before founding Prestige Economics, Mr. Schenker worked as a Risk Specialist at McKinsey and Company, where he provided content direction to trading, risk, and commodity project teams on six continents. Prior to McKinsey, Mr. Schenker was the Chief Energy and Commodity Economist at Wachovia Bank, which is now part of Wells Fargo.

Based in Austin, Mr. Schenker is one of only 100 CEOs on the Texas Business Leadership Council, a non-partisan group that advises Texas elected leadership at the state and federal level. He also sits on multiple boards and he is a Governance Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors. Mr. Schenker is on the advisory board of Hidden Star, a non-profit focused on helping low-income, minority, and disadvantaged entrepreneurs start new businesses and succeed. He has also been on the advisory board of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative at North Carolina State University. Mr. Schenker is also a board director and executive committee VP of technology for The Texas Lyceum, a non-partisan non-profit that fosters business and policy dialogue on important U.S. and Texas issues.

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