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Jason Barger Featured Author of "Thermostat Cultures" and named Top 200 Global Thought Leader

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  • Breathing Oxygen - New Book Release

    Following the success of Thermostat Cultures, Jason's fourth book focuses on 6 key leadership mindsets that give energy and focus to individuals and team cultures. Learn how positive, healthy thinking is as essential to great leadership and building a winning culture as the air we breathe.

  • Jason Barger Highlight Summary

    Globally celebrated speaker, author and leadership consultant, Jason Barger, is highlighted for his speaking messages that are engaging the minds and hearts of audiences worldwide.

  • Future of Work

    9 out of every 10 employees say they would take a pay-cut to work for a more meaningful culture. Together, we will create the future of work by the culture we create together. Keynote speaker, author and consultant, Jason Barger, speaks worldwide. He was named a Top 200 Global Thought Leader to Follow in 2021.

  • Breathing Oxygen: 6 Leadership Mindsets that Give Life to Winning Cultures

    The most effective leaders breathe good oxygen into their own mindset and then are able to breathe oxygen into their team members. They give oxygen to the room rather than take it. Jason Barger, author of "Breathing Oxygen" (2022) talks about the 6 mindsets positive leaders use to give energy to winning cultures. Barger is a coveted Keynote Speaker and Consultant around the globe.

  • Your Building Is Not Your Culture

    Buildings and well-designed spaces help enhance culture, but your building is not your culture. The culture is the ecosystem of thinking, acting and interacting that happens between your human beings inside your walls and remotely. Jason Barger, Keynote Speaker, author and consultant, speaks to companies worldwide about developing people and culture.

  • Don't Run Faster—Run Smarter!

    Are you Busy or Effective? Don't just run faster in today's busy and distracting world, run smarter! The best leaders, teams and organizations shift their mindset from Busy to Effective.

  • Healthy Leaders & Culture-Shaping: Allow vs. Teach

    In culture-shaping, what we allow, lingers and what we teach, triggers. The best leaders and teams cultures are proactive about what they are teaching differently. Jason Barger, Keynote Speaker, author and consultant, speaks worldwide for organizations looking to engage their leaders and cultures.

  • Focus: Where You Look Is Where You Go!

    Focus has never been more important in this highly-distracted world! What gets your eyes, focus, attention and heart is what you end up creating. Globally celebrated author, keynote speaker and leadership consultant, Jason Barger, shares a surfing metaphor about "where you look is where you go!" Learn more at www.JasonVBarger.com

  • Thermostat Cultures — setting the temperature on your team

    The culture of your team, your company, your family, your organization is always changing. The question is, "Do you want to play any role in what it becomes?" A thermometer is reactive. A thermostat is proactive. What temperature will you set to create the culture you desire? Jason Barger, globally celebrated author, inspiring keynote speaker and leadership consultant, shares about his new book Thermostat Cultures that was released.

  • Jason Barger- Passionate or Merely Interested

    Jason Barger keynotes for a Fortune 500 company to their 300 key leaders about leadership, culture and passion.

  • Is Your Message Accurate, Clear and Connected

    We live in a storytelling world. All day long we are telling stories across our teams, our families, our companies and communities. Are our stories accurate, clear and connected? The stories we tell impact the cultures we create. The most compelling leaders and teams engage the minds and hearts of their people by connecting powerful stories to authentic action. Jason Barger is the globally celebrated author of the new book "Thermostat Cultures" as well as a sought-after keynote speaker and leadership consultant.

  • "ReMember" — the new book by Jason Barger

    Jason Barger, globally celebrated author and creator of the "Step Back from the Baggage Claim" movement, speaks about his new book "ReMember: renewing our memberships, relationships and focus in a distracting world." In addition to being a sought-after keynote speaker around the world, Barger partners with teams and organizations to support their leadership development, culture, service, and mission & vision. ReMember is about coming alive and engaging in our most important memberships, relationships, and projects.

  • The "Step Back from the Baggage Claim" Movement

    The video that explains the start to the Step Back from the Baggage Claim book and movement!

  • Turning The Ketchup Bottle Upside Down

    Keynote to a Fortune 500 company about creativity and innovation.