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Janine Latus Featured Speaker on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

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Author, speaker and domestic violence advocate, Janine Latus, knows how to tell a story and captivate an audience. She received a standing ovation moving many to tears. The audience clearly identified with Janine, realizing the serious nature of our organization's work and as a result, were highly motivated to give. Within the window of a 1-hour luncheon program, Janine helped Interface raise an additional $25,000 for a net total of $80,000. These proceeds are vital to our ability to intervene when crisis occurs and prevent abuse from occurring in the first place including 24-hour crisis response and shelter programs, sexual abuse and teen dating violence prevention programs.

Catherine L. Kort, Fund Development & Marketing Director, Interface Children & Family ServicesCamarillo, CA

Janine is an incredible speaker with a story that captivated a room of nearly 900 professional women at our annual Women Who Care Share Luncheon. You could hear a pin drop in the room as guests were transfixed by her emotional story. She helped us raise over $130,000 for the services we provide to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Her real life stories highlight the importance of services and community support for victims. After the event, many guests stopped to purchase a book and share their story or gratitude with Janine. She truly touched the lives of our guests, we are so grateful for her courage to stand up and share her story.

Catherine Salazar | Marketing Coordinator, YWCA Oklahoma City

Latus's presentation involved the telling of this difficult story with a mastery of timing, tension, and perspicacity. She revealed that victimization is often characterized by a lack of awareness of what is, and what is not, acceptable behavior in relationships. Through her narrative, she expressed how important it is to establish boundaries so one does not find themselves in the depths of an abusive or violent relationship. She also presented the “Power of Control Wheel,” a guide used by the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence to help a person recognize the signs that reveal offensive behavior, whether it's emotional, physical, sexual, or financial in nature. Following her presentation, Latus took questions, answering each one with expertise and clarity, giving insights that were to the benefit of anyone wishing to help stem the very serious problem of abuse.

Claire Koehler and Barbara Gile AAUW Program Co-Vice Presidents

Janine Latus is a powerful activist who brought her story and advocacy to the University of South Alabama with truth, courage, passion, and a strong voice to help give a phenomenal talk as part of V-Day 2019. The audience responded deeply to her message, with many staying after the program to speak directly with Janine. We are thankful for her work and her visit to USA.

Dr. Krista HarrellAssociate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator, University of South Alabama

Janine Latus delivers a powerful, sobering, yet inspirational keynote address. Her audience was riveted, hanging on her every word. I am so thankful she has shared her and her sister's tragic story so she can help and offer hope to other women and children.

Erica Hallock, Board Member, YWCA, Spokane, WA

We could not have chosen a better or more significant keynote presenter for our women's and gender studies conference with an audience of students, faculty, community members and activists. Janine Latus uses the narrative of her own life and family losses to help other women and girls understand how intimate partner abuse can happen to anyone. She has the ability to engross her audience with an engaging yet candid style of delivery that ranks her as a first-class story and truth-teller. The question and answer period made it clear exactly how much impact she had on the young women who heard her and connected with her message. Later a medical doctor in the audience told me she planned to purchase a case of Janine's book to hand to her patients.

Helen R. Klebesadel, Director, Women's and Gender Studies Consortium Co-Chair 2018 4W Summit

Janine was the keynote speaker for our annual Tribute to Women of Achievement event, and she was heart stopping. You could have heard a pin drop during her presentation as she had us all on the edge of our seats. Although her story is chilling, it is also very real and a powerful reminder that domestic violence lives among so many of us. Janine is an amazing speaker and one our audience won't soon forget.

Jaye Kennedy, Chief Executive Office, Cedar Rapids, IA

Janine Latus is an incredibly powerful speaker on the topic of domestic violence and sexual assault – not only in how she shares her story of survival and the loss of her sister, but in how she addresses the need for cultural change, as well. We need an open dialogue in order for this paradigm shift, and with Janine at the helm, I'm confident our society will finally address these issues.

Lana Blitstein, M.S.W. Domestic Violence Community Outreach Advocate, Pillars Community Health

I just wanted to let you know that the impact of your talk has been reverberating like a stone thrown into a pond. The splash was fantastic enough itself, but the ripples have been sobering and hopeful all at once. I have received calls from attendees, one after the next, who want to help a friend, or a good friend's sister or a sister's good friend….We have been putting informational packets together not for clients—those, of course we have—but for the concerned loved ones who are tired of standing back shaking their heads and worrying, who heard the clarion call and feel inspired and empowered to do something to help. It's very touching. Your story sparked it in a big way. Thank you for mobilizing community members who feel helpless, as well as who knows how many actual victims in the audience.

Melissa Lukin, MBA, Executive Director, Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse (CORA)San Mateo, California

If you haven't seen Janine Latus' Presentation “If I am Missing or Dead, a story of Love, Murder & Liberation” you need to. 1/3 women, 1/4 men will or have experienced Domestic Violence. Janine's compelling life story puts a face on these statistics. You'll be reminded, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Rita Bailey, Executive Director, Darien Domestic Abuse Council, Inc.

Even a month after she spoke at our event, her words still resonate in my head. Janine's message is powerful and impactful and opens one's eyes to the battle victims of domestic violence face every day against their abuser.

Sarah Golden, Chairperson, Women Against Violence, Virginia Beach, VA