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Jake Havron Transformational Speaker; Sales Trainer

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  • Effective Influence In Sales
  • Effective Influence In Leadership

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Jake Havron helps your audience distinguish the difference between Influence vs. Manipulation in their sales and leadership roles by not only teaching the 4 pillars of influence but also applying it directly into their specific situations which creates a truly transformational experience.

From being a nurse just over 6 years ago to now a widely accredited transformational speaker and business strategist, Jake is creating raving fans of the people and audiences he works with. Organizations such as UNTIL Co. in London, 787 Coffee Co., 180 Elevate Nonprofit, international sales organizations, and Real Estate teams doing $300M – $1.6B in annual revenue have brought Jake in to help their people have more Effective Influence in Sales and Leadership.

It became apparent to Jake while working in the emergency room as a nurse that every human has outcomes happen to them depending on what influences or manipulates them. From learning that, Jake pivoted from nursing and pursued helping people through a new vehicle which led him to building a successful online health coaching company. Then soon after a business consulting company which he still runs to this date.

In 2019, he pursued learning the skills of professional speaking at a workshop and then a few days after he made a declaration to Tony Robbins in a stadium of 15,000+ people that he will be speaking on stages all over the world despite not speaking even on one stage at that point. Now 4 years from that moment and he's co-led with his fiancé a full day transformational event in Poland for multiple hundred attendees, spoke and led a company in London, and has spoken on a variety of stages in America.

Events have entrusted their audiences to have a transformational experience on Effective Influence and had Jake speak alongside Mark Victor Hansen - Co-Author of Chicken Noodle Soup For The Soul, Brian Tracy - Iconic Motivational Speaker, and Robert Herjavec - Shark from the TV show Shark Tank, and more.

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