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Jake Havron Transformational Speaker; Sales Trainer

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"I really liked how Jake engaged everyone so well. It was a constant back and forth of teaching, taking the time for us to implement it, and then have us reflect it was a process where we could actually implement versus absorbing it all and nothing actually happens."

Aaron West - The West Experience Real Estate Organization

"The experience with Jake was amazing. He slowed the process down enough and broke it down so we had practical and tactical things that we could go home and implement right away...Now we basically have a cheat sheet we can go back to. Like when we get stuck, we can go to it and see how to deal with this objection or how do I put this into practice."

Daniel Del Real - Owner of Top 5 Latino Real Estate Team in USA For 2022

“I'm very particular with where I spend my time being busy running multiple businesses but experiencing Jake's talk and wisdom is worth it no question. Not only do I feel like I'm becoming more influential but it's now something I bring my team to experience so they can become their best selves.”

Dr. Rupam K. Dentist/ Entrepreneur/ Philanthropist

“When I heard Jake speak for the first time, I knew immediately he had these same “MAGICAL” qualities as Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard. He will soon become a household name and change the world.”

Dr. Vivek Bansal – Board Advisor of #1 Global Aesthetic Surgery Practice

"I just gotta say that the application and strategic guidance Jake brought to our leadership team was pivotal in our success going into 2022. The business plan we made for increasing revenue by 250% is now being achieved since we found out what the real bottlenecks are that were holding the company back. Truly amazing work from Jake."

Ivan Kauffman - CEO & Founder of KQC Roofing

"Jake was a pleasure to work with at the City Summit Gala. He is a dynamic speaker who captivated and drew our audience in with his charisma and experience in his field. I can say that he is one the rare ones who is destined to be on stage."

Jennifer Kramer, M.ED - Event Planner of City Summit Gala - Los Angeles