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Heidi A. Swan Local, State and Federal Advocate; Cannabis-Induced Psychosis and Homelessnes Prevention Expert

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  • Glazov Gang Interview- Marijuana, Psychosis and Mental Illness

    Heidi's grandmother was suicidal, institutionalized, and had a frontal lobotomy. This sad inheritance makes Heidi more vulnerable to serious mental illness. This means they must stay away from environmental risk factors, like the use of THC products. Heidi describes that the silence about THC's harms: she was accepted to speak for the 2023 NAMI California Annual State Conference and then she was un-invited because NAMI decided that THC is "too touchy" for their members. How is this scenario repeating itself over and over in our country? What must we all know as commercialization of this highly psychoactive product spreads?

  • Here's Why Cartels Rush to California and Grow Marijuana

    This is a one minute edit of Heidi's longer interview with California Insider. When they posted it on Twitter, it created a stir. There, Heidi was able to provide a lot of data to refute the nay sayers.

  • The Dark Side of California's Legalization of Marijuana | Heidi Swan

    Siyamak sits down with Heidi Swan, author of A NIGHT IN JAIL, and cannabis-induced psychosis expert. She will talk about why California needs to have more transparency on legalizing cannabis.

  • Speaking on Dr. Phil

    On Dr. Phil: Heidi provided comments about how the THC products being sold today are several times stronger than what many thought they voted for. She also describes how we voted for legalization so the products would be regulated, but the industry fights regulation

  • Comments to Chuck Schumer about mental health risks of marijuana

    There is a full written interview from posted in Articles. independently provided their own links to support Heidi's assertions.

  • 75 sec Highlight Video from NAMI Solano County Presentation

    Heidi gave a half-hour presentation for the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Solano County. This very personal speech is about how discovering the science about marijuana and mental illness inspired Heidi and her brother to write A NIGHT IN JAIL.

  • Presentation for Community Coalitions of Virginia

    A 45 min presentation of the personal story behind writing A Night In Jail. This webinar also covers a significant amount of data which links marijuana to mental illness.

  • NBC-LA Interview about A NIGHT IN JAIL

    This interview is by NBC in Los Angeles. It's about the short film Heidi co-wrote and produced with her brother.