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Greg McKeown Featured Author of the New York Times bestseller, "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less." Host of the, "What's Essential" podcast.

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“Greg tenaciously pushed us to bring clarity to what's most important now to meet our customer needs in the face of the business demands ahead.  Whether helping our Supply Chain leadership tackle their global challenges or inspiring our Store Manager to build great teams, Greg has taught us how the disciplined pursuit of less is better.”

Ann Taylor

“I have been a part of this event for 16 years and McKeown is the best speaker we have ever had!”

Event Organizer for Greater Public

“Absolutely fantastic. He really hit a home run with the audience.”


“It is two months later and I am still having people stop me at meetings and gatherings to congratulate us on bringing Greg to our event. The response to his message was overwhelmingly positive and uplifting. He was absolutely incredible!”

Minneapolis Community Education Association

“Greg did a phenomenal job! He was very dynamic and had great presentation style.”

NFP Securities

“Wow! You delivered – you hit the ball out of the park! The feedback has been so positive and the energy and dialogue this evening around your message to us has been amazing. Thank you so much for your inspiring and motivating keynote! … I couldn’t be happier with the outcome today.”

Northrop Grumman Information Systems

I don’t think you could find a better speaker. Greg was an expert, persuasive, engaging, accommodating and compelling. Love, love, loved it! Already tweeting, facebooking, discussing, recommending...”

Symantec Inc.

“You have NO IDEA how great that talk was. I have never been in a Tech Talk here where there wasn’t a room full of open lap tops. Never. Not Obama’s CIO Vivek Kundra, not the Executive Producer of House or Adam Savage from “MythBusters.” Not even Twitter is a laptop open culture and you managed to pull off what I thought was an impossible feat!”

Twitter, Inc.

“Greg delivered the most impactful leadership development training I’ve ever received. His approach is engaging but more importantly he moved me to action. He knew our business beforehand so he was prepared to discuss what mattered most- our ‘strategic intent’. I hope for the opportunity to work again with Greg very soon.”


“You blew it out of the park – it was inspiring, thought provoking, and incredibly entertaining. You had participants on the edge of their seats for nearly two hours, which we all know is no small feat. We imagined a great event, but this far exceeded our expectations.”