Eric Termuende Entrepreneur; Bestselling Author; Workplace Culture and Employee Engagement Expert

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Eric is a remarkable thinker, and one of those speakers you see sometimes, but not often enough, who you run around telling everyone about for a long time afterwards. I remember the first time we met, and within a few minutes he had me leaning over the table in the restaurant, fascinated, waiting to hear what would come out of his mouth next. I can count on one hand the number of times that has happened to me; he's in very rare company. So book him. Listen to him. Take the time to use his ideas. They are a gift.

David Allison, Branding Expert

Eric Termuende presented to our senior leadership and shared his perspective on optimizing culture.  I found Eric to be a highly credible, engaging and relevant speaker that connects with all levels of leadership.  Eric's insights are well articulated and provide examples and ideas that are critical to an organization looking to improve engagement and retain the right talent.

Dion O. Kostiuk, Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Services

Relevant, engaging and with some strong practical takeaways for the audience of seasoned Chief Executives of a range of companies from manufacturing to health care to technology to financial services.  He is an excellent presenter and readily relates to senior executives.

Linda Oglov, Forum Chair, MacKay CEO Forums

What stood out to me about Eric's keynote was how relatable he was to the entire audience. I feel as though whether you were a graduating student, new grad or a Gen X Mom like me, there was something in his talk for everyone. The concept of defining your own success is very inspirational and Eric was as open to talking about his shortfalls and sacrifices as he was to talking about his “big wins.” I have seen Eric speak at three different events now and he is very astute when it comes to his audience. Each of the speaking engagements has showcased something different, which tells me that he puts a lot of time and energy into meeting his host/client's needs for the event. I would definitely have him back.

Manager, Career Services, University of Calgary