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Don Rheem Featured Author; TEDx Speaker; CEO of E3 Solutions; Culture Changer

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  • The Neuroscience of Employee Engagement
  • Empowering Teams: Cultivating Psychological Safety in the Workplace
  • How to Stay Ahead of the Future of Work

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  • 2017 Thrive By Design: The Neuroscience That Drives High-Performance Cultures

Don Rheem is CEO of CultureID, an employee engagement tech company which allows organizations to build engaged, high-performance cultures. Rheem focuses on using neuroscience and behavioral science-backed research to consult with leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. His passion for delivering truly outstanding improvements in business performance conveys quickly to the CEOs and senior executives he works with.

A former science advisor to Congress and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Rheem shares a grounded and empirically validated methodology to get employees more engaged and better positioned for success targeted at the bottom line.

Rheem and his team at CultureID show business leaders how to create the workplace conditions that trigger hard-wired motivators that improve employee performance. These intrinsic drivers of human behavior increase engagement in ways that improve productivity, team alignment, morale, and retention.

A leading speaker and author, Rheem lectures on employee engagement throughout North America and Europe helping thousands of CEOs understand the key drivers of exceptional workplace behavior. His ForbesBooks publication, Thrive By Design: The Neuroscience That Drives High-Performance Cultures, lays out the neurological underpinnings of human behavior that distinguish Don’s company from conventional leadership consulting. As a featured TEDx speaker, Don presented some of his most popular content in Can Work Save Our Relationships? in 2018 and How to Stay Ahead of the Future of Work in 2022.

Don lives just outside of Washington, D.C. with his wife, Dr. Kathryn Rheem, and enjoys spending time with his family and writing in his free time.

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